3 Radical Consciousness Shifts to Propel you to Abundance & Success

3 Radical Consciousness Shifts to Propel you to Abundance & Success

and Own your Greatness!

Course Summary

How abundant is your life? Would you like to Manifest Abundance in your Life? 
To be able to Manifest Abundance is to BE Abundant - to Transform the way you Think Feel and Act. 
You have to Condition your Mind to Abundance and this is what you will achieve with this program.

In this profound and delightful course, you will DESIGN and EMBODY Your Ideal TRUE SELF that is Aligned with the 
Energy Vibration of ABUNDANCE, to become your new normal, your Way of BEING that will enable you to 
MANIFEST the Abundance and Successes that you envision.

First of all, you will start off with a Self-Assessment to establish your relationship with yourself as it is now and to 

Measure your Progress on your Transformation in 30 days.

After you design your ideal true self and embody that through the Own Your Greatness Meditation, you will experience 

3 Radical Consciousness Shifts that will propel you to further INTEGRATE the Energy Vibration of ABUNDANCE.

Over the next 30 days you will not only notice an INNER TRANSFORMATION but also how 

showing up in your LIFE and BUSINESS.

Course Outcomes

This awesome course is a journey to Align with the Essence of Your True Self who is 
rooted in the Energy Vibration of Abundance. 
Here you will design the Essence of Your True Self and Vision. 
The Own Your Greatness Meditation is designed to incorporate your unique data, 
strengthening the neural circuits every time you listen to it. 
Through the 3 Radical Consciousness Shifts and Rituals you will accelerate the integration of the 
Essence of your True Self in your neurology to become your State-of-Being and your new normal.
After 30 Days of listening to the Own your Greatness Meditation and watching the 

3 Radical Consciousness Shifts, you will do a Post-Course Self-Assessment to Measure Your Transformation.

What you are getting
5 Video Lessons (plus the audio version if you prefer to listen)

Pre and Post-Self-Assessment to Measure Your Transformation
Course Workbook that is editable so you don't have to print it
Own your Greatness Meditation
Bonus: Self-Care Manifesto


First you Set your Intentions for doing this program, then do a Self-Assessment of where you are now.
Then you will go through a awesome process to Design every aspect of the Essence of Your True Self and then listen to the Own your Greatness Meditation to Embody your True Self, applying your unique design data


Knowledge is power because once you understand something you can make better choices.
You will learn how your mind works, that you are not your mind and by taking responsibility of your thoughts, emotions words and actions, you move from victim to victor of your life.


You will understand that you are a Spiritual Being in Human Form and therefore your Self-Worth is Unconditional.
Learn the difference between self-worth and self-confidence and how you have been conditioned to confuse them.
You will accept, appreciate and stand in awe of yourself.


Now that you know that you are not your mind or your history and that as a spiritual being you are unconditionally valuable, that you have the Power and Tools to create anything you desire.
This gives you confidence to manifest your vision that you have created in the first lesson.


After 30 days of repeatedly watching the videos repeatedly and listened to the meditation daily, you will do the self-assessment again that you did before you started the course, compare and measure your transformation
 Also you look at your next steps from here.


As a bonus, you get a your Self-Care Manifesto where you can plan your self-care from a list of ideas and monitor the impact it has on your wellbeing as well as your manifestations of abundance.
This manifesto is editable, so you can add to it all the time.

Dina Marais


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  • Embodying a New Way of Thinking, Feeling & Acting to Align to Abundance
  • Integrating Divine Truths that Liberates your from the Past to a New Future
  • Huge Transformation in your Life in 30 Days
  • 5 Video Trainings, Audio Versions and Transcripts
  • Course Workbook (editable)
  • Own Your Greatness Meditation
  • Bonus: Self-Care Manifesto (editable)