Create Your Client Attraction Zone

Create Your Client Attraction Zone

Shift Your Mindset to Getting Clients with Confidence

Course Summary

                                        Give yourself the Priceless Gift of SETTING YOURSELF UP TO WIN in your Business and Life!
                                        Get the RECIPE to Create your GENIUS STATE to Achieve ANY OUTCOME in your Business!
REWIRE YOUR BRAIN and LET GO of Old Stories the keep you locked in the limited Past!

In this powerful program, you are going to experience and integrate
where you approach, connect and engage with potential clients with an
unshakeable inner confidence that will shine through in all your conversations.

#  You LACK SELF-CONFIDENCE to approach new potential clients
#  You PROCRASTINATE putting yourself out there hiding behind PERFECTIONISM
#  You experience SELF-DOUBT that paralyses you and prevents you from taking action
#  You take any perceived negative response personally FEELING REJECTED
#  You believe that you are NOT GOOD ENOUGH and are afraid of being exposed as a fraud
#  You AVOID being VISIBLE or VULNERABLE and rather keep busy tweaking your website

3 Meditative Neurological Processes to REWIRE YOUR BRAIN
Editable Self-Care Manifesto

Benefits and Outcomes

When you LET GO of old stories that keep you STUCK and you EMBODY a new story that EMPOWERS YOU repeatedly,
it becomes your new normal to being visible confidently.


Let go of the old story that hold you back from authentically approaching and engaging with the soul clients your are meant to, and are waiting to work with you.


Embody the confidence that radiates in your conversations with clients that compel them to work with you as you make 4 Mindset Shifts. 


Embrace your visibility confidently and authentically, allowing you to look forward finding and signing up your ideal soul clients. 


4 Mindset Shifts to Boost Your Visibility!

When you understand how you create your story that holds you back, then it is easy to change.
That is the intention behind the 4 Mindset Shifts - to give you the understanding and then empower you to make the change at the
root cause level so that it is sustainable.

Module 1 - Gain Self-Awareness & Response-ability

From this self-awareness you will be able to take responsibility for creating your story that stops you from getting clients and create a new story that empowers you to attract clients with confidence.
Module 3 - Change your Sabotaging Thinking Patterns & Flip your Fears

Reframe your thinking patterns that result in procrastination and learn how to flip your fears of rejection, failure, success to instead inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and take action.
Module 5 - Finalise your New Story and Checklist for Getting Clients with Confidence!

Celebrate how far you have come, then finalise your new story and checklist to attracting and getting clients with confidence. Lastly look at how this fits into your business and the next steps.
Module 2 - Create Unconditional Self-Worth

You will be able to separate your self-worth from your self-confidence, stop comparing yourself to others, remove self-doubt forever and never put your self-worth on the line again.
Module 4 - Practice Self-Love & Self-Care

Create your Self-Care Manifesto where you plan and measure how you take of yourself and the impact that has on your business and life. Here you get a myriad of inspiring ideas how to do self-care.

Dina Marais

Jane Morba

Dina has a great way of designing content and playing out the inner game and outer structure in the entrepreneurial life.
She has great sincere presence, smart and very clear.  She absolutely wants clients to make money and learn. I highly recommend it!

Jim Hughes

This course was money well spent.  It has clear valuable information with clear explanations.  The delivery is engaging and supported by helpful practice activities.
An accurate course description – promise fulfilled!  
Dina is a knowledgeable instructor.

Tara Mantra

I really enjoyed the course!  I love how Dina gently guided me towards my best self and achieving the best results in the business.
It was magical, as promised.

Course Pricing

  • Your Client Attraction Zone
  • $147 USD

    Create your unique Client Attraction Zone Genius Mindset to boost your visibility confidence in all your conversations!

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  • The Priceless Gift to SET YOURSELF UP TO WIN in your BUSINESS & LIFE!
  • The RECIPE to create your Genius State for ANY Outcome in your Business!
  • 5 Video Trainings, Audio Versions and Transcripts
  • 4 Mind-Blowing Life-Changing Mind Shifts and Practices
  • Editable Workbook for the Program
  • Bonus: 3 Meditative Neurological Practices to REWIRE YOUR BRAIN!
  • Bonus: Personal Self-Care Manifesto