This is for you if you are a coach or other expert with a huge vision to make a difference

🔸Your results are less than satisfactory
🔸You experience fear and even anxiety about your business and income
🔸You doubt and second-guess yourself
🔸You sabotage your best efforts
🔸You worry about what other people think and say about you
🔸You get triggered into fear and doubt a lot
🔸You have been trying to get to the next level of income without success

If one of more of these scenarios are true for you, then know that you are (still) trying to manifest your vision from your old paradigm and it ain't gonna work!

Why not?
Because NOTHING is going to Change until YOU CHANGE!

If you are thinking, "yeah right, tell me something I don't know", then stick around, because there definitely is a thing or two that you might have been missing.
I also thought I knew everything, until I found that I missed something very important!  
Believe me, I understand your frustration because I have been there.

And yes, sometimes we have to get back to the basics...

So, let me explain to you what I mean...


You master yourself by replacing the old-self paradigm with a New Paradigm that
matches the energy vibration frequency of your True Self and Vision of


                                          To accomplish this:

🔸You must know and live the principles of the Universal Laws
🔸 You must know and live the principles of Energy Vibration Frequencies
🔸You must know how your mind works to create your life
🔸You must replace your old-self paradigm with a new paradigm of who you wish
     and need to be, in harmony with the energy vibration of what you want
🔸You must know where you are now, where you want to go and how to get there
🔸You must have the the practical tools and practices to bridge the gap upward
     and integrate the new paradigm into your neurology to become your new

In this challenge I help you to uncover where you might be sabotaging yourself, I show you how these patterns show up, how to recognise them and how to change them so that you can align your mind with who you need to become so that you can accelerate manifesting your business
vision and goals.


Day 1

🔸Understand Your POWERS of Creation so that you can
    use them to your advantage
🔸Understand your Mind Energy Vibration Frequency so that
    you can consciously align your vibration with what you
🔸Understand the Key Driver behind everything in your life is
    your self-image so that you can change your it to support
🔸Manifesting Step 1: Get Clear on your Vision & Goals
    because without clarity you create confusion
🔸Manifesting Step 2: Embody the New-You Paradigm to
    replace the Old Paradigm so that you can become your
    True Self and realise the God-in-You

Day 2

🔸Understand your Old-Self Paradigm and how it operates
    so that you can recognise when it shows its ugly head
🔸Understand and embrace the UNKNOWN as Certainty of
    Possibilities instead of fearing it as we have been taught
🔸Understand what's in your way of success and how it
    shows up in real life situations so that you can create new
    habits of success instead
🔸Understand your self-sabotaging patterns so that you can
    stop them before they pull you down the rabbit hole
🔸Understand your money blocks so that you can change
    your relationship with money and be open to receiving
🔸Manifesting Step 3: Flip your Fears and Triggers of Fear,
    Doubt, Scarcity so that they lose their power over you

Day 3

🔸Understand how to outsmart your Old-Self because it will
    throw everything at you to pull you back when you step
    out of your comfort zone
🔸Understand your Point of Power as the Presence of
    God-in-You because this is where you create your vision
    as a co-creator with God or the Universe
🔸Manifesting Step 4: Practice Faith to proactively embody
    and create a new state of being that aligns with your
    True Self God-in-You and your Vision so that you
    effectively replace the Old-Paradigm with your New-You
    Paradigm that is your True Self

Day 4

🔸We bring everything together and talk through the
    Blueprint of the 5-Step Manifesting System so that you
    can reference it and use it immediately
🔸Manifesting Step 5: Inspired Action is when you step fully
    into your Point of Power and your New-You Paradigm and
    take action from your Intuition with great results
🔸I will share with you Next Steps on how to take this further
    to continue working with me and we celebrate what you
    have discovered and what you will implement in your
    business and life.

What have I manifested since taking on Dina Marais as my Business Coach and Universal Principles Master?
I have most recently manifested a place to contribute my entire clay studio to!
Then, much to my surprise, my good Dentist gave me a full refund of services rendered earlier this year as they hadn't yet put it into my Insurance.
But of course the biggest thing is my new business under Dina's tutelage.
I can see my Circles of Creativity, Writing and Illumination filling up hopefully by next month.
I am at Full Peace, finally. Willing and raring to go! Thank you Dina for your incredible patience with me along my path of re-inventing myself for the 5th time in my life... with this incredibly fulfilling new path that I'm on. Blessings to you!

Christine Merriman

I have manifested a huge shift in my life. . From always battling to stay positive and never accepting the negativity in my life well;  I have manifested a new emotion of gratitude and love no matter what the challenge.   I am way more relaxed, my stress levels have declined and I am enjoying life to its fullest. In June this year I faced closing my business... I shifted my thinking and through learning to manifest in Dina's course my business has turned into a very profitable business today.
I manifested an ML Mercedes Benz within 3 weeks and now a new home.

Since learning Dina's teachings I have shifted my thinking, I live in gratitude and manifest so much more than I ever have. I find things happening for me that I dreamed about and seeing them coming true proves that Dina's teaching really works ..I have finally found bliss in my life. I am still challenged, I just handle it in ways that serves me rather than fighting it. I love the way Dina and our group of amazing ladies holds our hand and supports us in every way they can . I do recommend any course Dina offers as each course I have done with Dina has brought major shifts in my life.

Melinda Lee


🔸Whatever you are looking for is already INSIDE you and not external to you.

🔸Ignorance is a hidden enemy that when unveiled, sets your FREE!

🔸You cannot create a new reality from your current results - NOTHING changes
     until YOU change your consciousness.

🔸Mastery is not mere practice, it is practicing the right things!

🔸To win any game, you have to know the rules. The same applies to win the
     game of life, the game of manifesting the business and lifestyle, relationships,
     health and wealth.

🔸Your job is to know the rules, know your role as a co-creator and learn how to
     apply them.


🔸4 LIVE CLASS of about 30 to 40 minutes over the 4 days
🔸Plus LIVE Q&A
🔸Replays in the Facebook Group
🔸Editable Guide for every day
🔸Blueprint of the 5-Step Manifesting System
🔸2 Awesome prizes up for grabs valued at $300 and $150
🔸Next Steps on how to take this further

Having worked with Dina on her Manifest your Bliss program, she has been a phenomenal coach who has helped me emotionally and physically. She has guided me through old thought patterns to show me where I am holding onto old thought paradigms that were not serving me. 
Physically, through this program I have manifested a beautiful change of scenery, not just once, but TWICE! With this came the job and salary that I had manifested. I was also able to manifest on an emotional level, a much better relationship with my partner and most importantly, myself! 
My relationship with money, relationships and my goals and vision has become clearer. She has brought many tools to my toolbox which are practical and easy to use. Important, you must show up and be committed to discovering your Magnificence of YOU! Anybody considering working with Dina will be guaranteed of an awareness that brings phenomenal results. A true investment that reaps rewards!

Charmaine Roodt 

The number one thing I’ve gained working with Dina, is a mirror. A mirror that has allowed me to notice where I might be missing part of my vision, where I can go bigger, where I’m allowing myself to slip into default mode. 

This mirror has been so powerful, as it shines light on these places and allows me to fill them with my goals and aspirations to improve my perspective and enrich my life.

Nadia Engelbrecht


🔸This is a SYSTEM of Manifesting not only what you desire but also
     BECOMING YOUR TRUE SELF so that all you want becomes your new normal.
🔸Although we mostly want to manifest more income in our business, Money is
    an EFFECT, and to focus on making more money, is starting at the wrong end.
    Here we focus on the CAUSE behind not manifesting the income you want and
    this is the key to change your relationship with money.

🔸What we ultimately seek is Enlightenment - the Connection with God, the
     Kingdom of God that is INSIDE us, where we are naturally in flow and live at the
     high vibrations of love, joy, abundance, gratitude, to manifest what we desire
     with ease, and not being held back by anything of the physical world.

🔸Awaken Your POWER FROM WITHIN to Manifest Without what you WANT
     instead of what you don't want.

🔸HEALING the Wounds of Childhood that prevents you from Receiving is so
    important because it shows up over and over until you heal and change your
    relationship with them.

🔸Understand how your MIND works so that you can Master it.

🔸Understand your ROLE AS A CO-CREATOR with the Universe so that you can
     LET GO of Control and surrender to allow in your Good!

As you have read through this, what probably came up for you is...
But I know this! I have done this already. I am doing this!
Am I right?

Let me assure you, if anyone of those scenarios at the top is true for you, then you are not living this fully yet, and there might be something that you are missing.
Ask me how I know!
Are you willing to discover what that is?

Is there a Yeah, BUT... coming up? (old paradigm talking)
It's time to move your BUTS out of the way!

Because even if a new insight that changes everything for you is the only thing you get out of this challenge, then you have received what you were meant to receive.

Whatever came up for you now, consider this...

You Choose Your HARD every moment of every day!

It's hard doing the work to discipline your mind
It's hard staying focused on the positive when results say otherwise
It's hard feeling happy and grateful when there seems nothing to be happy and grateful about

It's also hard seeing your bank balance dwindling
It's also hard hearing another client saying no
It's also hard feeling anxiety taking you over, thinking about the end of the month bills looming!

The one leads to abundance, freedom, peace, well-being
The other one leads to scarcity and fear, possibly closing your business

So, which hard do you choose?

Woohoo! Let's do this then!


The total value of this challenge is $500 but you get ALL of this for just $10! 
And I charge $10 to attract people who really want to learn more about this and will show up. 

After you join, you can sign up as an affiliate you get $10 for every person who joins with your link. 
Thank you for helping me spreading the word.
As coaches we are all contributors to expanding the consciousness of humanity.