Create a High-Ticket Coaching Business

Create a High-Ticket Coaching Business


Program Summary

Create a High-Ticket Coaching Business is a 12-month program to design, create, market 
and launch your coaching program offers and deliverables including the tech and systems 
you need to take your business to six figures and beyond.  

Here you are supported by a team of experts every step of the way to ensure that you confidently and 

steadily move forward towards manifesting your highest vision.

 This is your last stop to get your coaching business off the ground and on the path to 6-figures and beyond.  

If you recognise that this program is perfect for you, then contact me at or send me a 
DM on Facebook to explore if this is a good fit for you and you can start straight away.

This is for you... 

If you are a coach or expert and you have been working at building your business for several years.
You have helped clients, you have an idea of who your ideal soul client is, but it’s not crystal clear yet.
You have a lot to offer but you don’t know how to package it that it sells.
So, you feel stuck and you are stalling because you don’t get the results that you want.  

You are of tired scrolling down social media and seeing the celebrations of coaches’ successes and 
wonder what’s wrong with you.  
You are tired of putting your heart into writing a post on Facebook only to feel like everybody is ghosting you.  
You are tired of seeing the promises of big-name programs, knowing that you have been down that road 

and that you will once again drown in the crowd and be left on your own.  
You know that you can get awesome results for people.  
You know that there must be people who need you but where are they?  
You know that there must be a better way of creating the business you dream of.  
If you are looking for a collaborating partner to create the business you love, the way you want it,
and to grow it to six figures, then you are in the right place.    


Why I created this System and Program...

In working with several coaches, I saw the same pattern of when coaches came to me for help -
them doing program after program by the big names only to drown in the crowd and be left to their own devices.  

Even after investing in loads of programs, they end up with pieces of the puzzle of creating their coaching business and still not knowing exactly how to articulate who their ideal soul client is and what to offer them.  

I have seen coach after coach stalling and being stuck because they don’t know what their next step is.

They stop and start and don’t get traction, get confused because they don’t get the results promised and then look for the next red pill to get rid of the chaos in their mind and business. 

If this is you, then know that you are not alone.  

This has been my story as well and it took me years of trial and error to figure out what worked for me.
My former career in IT afforded me an affinity for tech and designing systems and I created a 

step-by-step system to create a coaching business end-to-end.

    As I worked with clients 1-on-1 to create their online course and business, I created coaching programs 

for every step that helped them “think” and then I coached them further in the sessions.
This accelerated their progress and they felt supported having someone to hold their hand and answer their questions.

I wanted to serve more clients and I decided to put all the coaching programs together to create a system 

so that every coach could build their business at their own pace and get support wherever they were at.  
What I have created is an all-in-one, no-hassle, best-practice, done-for-you, step-by-step system, and a 

team of experts to work with you to create the business you love.    

Over the years I realised...

It takes longer than expected to create a business online and test it to be working.
Some people do this quickly and some not.
You shouldn’t be left behind or feel pressured to keep up with the group.
Because then you do a botched job and have to go back and do it again. 

I have also found that it takes time to test your offer, your marketing, your messaging, your launch, 

your sales, your delivery and that it’s invaluable to be able to get support with trouble shooting 
and making corrections.  
People don’t work well in isolation on their own.
We need community or at least someone in our corner, and I found that there are always 

questions my clients want to ask me personally and I like to give them that opportunity.  
That’s why this program is 12 months so that you get the opportunity to systematically create your business and your programs, including your high-ticket program and launch it successfully and solidly on the path to a 6-figure business.  

Program Outcomes

 This program is not just a piece of the puzzle to Create Your High-Ticket Coaching Business – 
this is an end-to-end solution so that you can stay focused and relaxed and have fun 
while moving steadily forward, because everything you need is right here.   

🔹You will get crystal clear and articulate who your ideal client is and what you offer them and confirm that your 
ideal soul clients are in your world right now because they will self-identify and reach out to you.  

🔹You will see your ideal soul clients say yes to your (first) offer and eager to continue working with you, 
because they get the results you promise them.   

🔹You will design and create your high-ticket program solving a high-value problem for your clients as the 
next logical step after already getting results working with you.  
🔹You will troubleshoot what’s not working at every step of creation, marketing, messaging, building 
your audience, launching, selling.  

🔹You will see the path of your business as it takes shape before your eyes, knowing where you are, 
what progress you have made, what to do next, why it’s important, how it fits in the big 
picture of your vision and step-by-step how to execute it.   

🔹You will be supported by a team of experts all the way so that you don’t have to fall into doubt, 
confusion, procrastination, fear…  

🔹You will remove all your limiting beliefs, money blocks, self-sabotaging patterns so that you are fully aligned 
and empowered to become who you wish to become and manifest your highest vision. 

We devote one third of the program calls to mindset energy vibration frequency alignment with your soul energy.  


What you receive... 
🔹You get 3 LIVE Group Calls per month of which 
1 focuses on mindset energy alignment and 2 on creating your business.
Even if you don’t have questions, you can join the call and work.  

The groups are small, so you get personal attention – no drowning in the crowd and left hanging!    
🔹Recordings of all live group calls are uploaded to be accessed at any time.   

🔹Plus, you get a 1-on-1 session with Dina every month to coach you and help you where you need it.   
🔹For your first program offer and high-ticket program offer you get the support of a copywriting coach 
to make sure your sales page converts your leads into paying customers.  

🔹You also get the support of a Social Media Marketing Coach to create fans reaching out to you. 
🔹Our Creative Consultant has designed for us exclusive landing pages and sales page 
templates to help you stand out.  

🔹We will do a virtual planning retreat 3 times a year to plan your next calendar year launches 
and you can join when it’s appropriate.  

This gives you a Complete Success Path and Curriculum with 
🔹ALL the Video Training, Workbooks, Templates, Checklists, Deliverables, Tech, that you need to 
Create Your Programs/Courses/Products and EVERYTHING else you need to Create Your Business Online
🔹Life-time Access to Content & Community

This 12-MONTH IMMERSION (1-on-1 and Group) 
Supported by a Team of Experts gives you the Path, Time and Space to...
Learn and Apply the Principles of Crafting Offers that Sell Themselves
Integrate the Principles of Magnetic Messaging  

Perfect Effective Marketing and Sales Strategies
Practice Launches and Sales Process  
Become the Sought-After Coach for your Ideal Soul Clients

Experience deep Personal and Spiritual Transformation
Grow and Scale your Income and Impact to Six Figures and Multiple Six Figures

Having Fun and
Connecting with Amazing Passionate Leaders like YOU


Success Path Showing the Step-by-Step Creation, Implementation and Launch of Your High-Ticket Coaching Business

The Modules Library

1. Set Your Outcomes

Set your intentions and the outcomes that you want to accomplish in the next 6 and 12 months.
Also create your Vision & do a Self-Assessment.

2. Mindset Mastery

Here you find lessons to support you to cultivate abundance consciousness and remove blocks that sabotage your success. One of the three monthly group calls is devoted to Mindset.

3. Clarify SoulPurpose Niche

Discover or Clarify your SoulPurpose Niche Message. This includes doing Market Research and outlining your Offers (assisted by our Copywriting Coach) & Business Model.
4. Create your Lead Magnet

Create your Hot Lead Magnet or Freebie to invite your ideal clients to sign up on your email list and set up your funnel and landing pages.
Plus create lead magnets for your launches.

5. Design your Branding

Design the Branding of your business that demonstrates what you stand for and how you show up and then implement it.
Assisted by our Branding Coach.

6. Design your Business Strategy

Revisit your Business Vision, Scaleable Business Model and Define your Business Strategy to make intentional decisions toward your success.
Bonus: Planning Retreat

7. Design your Marketing Strategies

Here you choose and apply Lead Generation Strategies to build your Audience, Email List, organically and paid plus measure your results.
Assisted by Social Media Marketing Coach.

8. Create your Courses/Programs

Design  and create every aspect of your Gateway Program Offer, High Ticket Program Offer, & Membership Offer, Upload, including the Tech.

9. Design your Launch Strategy

There are different ways to launch & sell your program and you will learn how to do challenge, or masterclass, webinar, open cart, etc.
Choose and practice your launches.

10. Deliver Your Program

Here you learn the different ways to deliver your program and the tech and systems you need for all of them. Plus trouble shooting support.

11. Tech & Resources

Besides the tech help in creating the deliverables you also find specific videos on how to use the resources to support you to build your business.

12. Live Group Calls

We have 3 LIVE Group Calls per month where I help you and answer any questions you may have to move you forward. 



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Dina Marais is worth her weight in GOLD as a Global Business Coach Extraordinaire!

Whew, there are so many moving parts to online business! So, I looked at many of the online mentors for about 4 years until I found Dina Marais. Dina Marais provides me with a much more mature attitude, a far better educated corporate technical systems analyst’s background coupled with her own certifications in online business development, her deep training in the Universal Principles, and solid understanding of what to do 1st, 2nd, and 3rd when building an online business. She can kick her solid sense into even my most reluctant Soul in the gentlest manner to push me back out “there” to serve the world with my new business, Trauma’s Peace, a place of creativity to conquer the effects of trauma residing deep inside my inner child. Dina’s beautiful empathy can feel when I need her, helps me to overcome my innate sense of lacking and propels me forward... always with a smile. She absolutely knows her stuff! I cannot recommend Dina enough to anyone who wants to succeed in today’s hot and noisy business climate. Dina Marais is worth her weight in GOLD as a Global Business Coach Extraordinaire!

1 month ago

The Best Investment for an Online Coach

This course has surprised me, inspired and challenged me. Dina has set up an in depth program like no other. It takes you every step of the way with nothing left to doubt. Dina has ensured that each process is not only clearly set out but explained in detail. My knowledge of technology is not the greatest, this has left Dina unperturbed. She has allowed me to believe that I could do it with her support and believe it or not I have managed. Thanks Dina for always going extra mile to assist, with patience, kindness, encouragement and accountable to achieve your goal. I certainly would not have got to where I am without this incredible support. If you are floundering as a Coach to get your business up and running, I can highly recommend this investment. You will never regret it. Thanks Dina.

11 months ago
Melinda Strydom

A course of absolute magic

I was blessed with an opportunity that most business people would celebrate in style... I went into fear. I knew that I what was given to me on a silver plate is a dream of mine and aligning to my goals, the issue is I have no idea how to get there. Dina and her course has guided me to a place of almost ready to launch. This is exciting. Dina has taken my hand step by step and assisted me, corrected me, guided me and also held me accountable to get me ready. The user friendly course and the well done videos has helped me to overcome my fear and focus on the work that I have to do. I could never have done this on my own . Besides not knowing where to start or to know if I have followed all the correct steps, I never gave up which I know I would have through fear weeks ago had I been on my own. Dina is an inspiration to me and always has a smile on her face, a warm heart and ready to help and talk when I need her. Her patience to us that understands nothing about building a course is outstanding and Dina gives us peace of mind that we can do it and support when we feel that we can't do it. A brilliant course to do if you are wanting to do an online courses.

11 months ago
Charmaine Roodt

My mind has gone into freak out mode! Why you ask...... read further for clarity

Before Dina became my mentor, coach and absolute Rock that I can count on, I had no idea how to and where to begin. She gives you a clear roadmap starting from the beginning and all the in between tasks that needs to be accomplished to create my coaching package and a clear structure to my business. I didn't know where to begin before this course. The wealth of content, information and resources that Dina has put together in this course is absolutely mind blowing. Dina works absolutely amazing with each individual on this course and she has so much patience with me that I feel I can only succeed with her support. She gives you a step by step action plan to implement and create your course and program that you have no reason not to succeed. Through her passion, drive and compassion to each of her students it is a no brainer that what I am creating will be a huge success. She is truly my pillar of strength and courage, she has equipped me with all the right tools that I have drive and focus and clarity on my biggest passion. Dina you have changed my life and my reality and for this I am forever grateful to you. Dina is highly recommended and anybody considering working with her will absolutely make the best investment of their life! Dina well done on your hardwork and determination, you are truly my inspiration, THANK YOU!

11 months ago

Dina Marais