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Manifesting your highest vision and goals is a journey of 
personal transformation.

To first become who you need and wish to be and attract to you who you Are.
That's because to manifest - to make real - ALWAYS happens

You manifest the effect of your inner thoughts and emotions into your 
actions and results.

Wouldn't it be great if

🔸You consistently manifest your goals and see your vision become a living reality
🔸You consistently achieve and exceed your Money Goals
🔸You consistently feel good about yourself, your day, your creations, enjoying the NOW
🔸You see obstacles as opportunities for expansion
🔸You flip your fears, doubts and self-sabotage without missing a beat
🔸You have laser focus where procrastinating and doubt is something of the past
🔸You stand firm and unshakeable in your faith and confidence of who you know you are
🔸You consciously and deliberately leverage the Law of Attraction to manifest your desires with ease
🔸You feel relaxed and enjoy the process of co-creating with the Universe
🔸You are at peace and excited at the same time about what you are calling in to your business & life, knowing
     with certainty that it is on its way 

Success like wealth, health and happiness is an EFFECT and the CAUSE 
behind the effect is your STATE OF BEING and your Energy Vibration Frequency of how you think, feel and act

You cannot create a New Reality from the thoughts and emotions of 
stress, fear, doubt and scarcity
You can only create more of what you have.

What's in the way is your Old Paradigm, aka Ego, Old Self or False Self 

that is controlling your thoughts and emotions and thereby 
your actions and results.

To manifest the success you want it's necessary to REPLACE the 

Old Paradigm with a New You Paradigm of who you wish & 
need to BECOME that is  Aligned with the Energy Vibration 
Frequency of  your vision  and True Self

Sound Good?  Well, step right this way and take a...

and BRIDGE the GAP between your Old Self and New-You Paradigm 

Over 6 Weeks you will...
🔸Get Clear on your Vision and Goals so that you can create the Images of what you Want and Focus on them 🔸Take Ownership of your Vibration so that you become Aware and Conscious (Neurological Process)
🔸Claim your Inner Divine Authority to stop giving your power away (Neurological Process)
🔸Liberate your Spiritual Self from the Past and let go of everything that is not serving you (Neurological Process) 🔸Design and Embody the Essence of your True Self and start living at that higher vibration (Meditation)
🔸Flip your Fears and Triggers so that you neutralise them (Neurological Process)
🔸Develop Faith and Gratitude to Integrate your New Self and get proactive to stay in a high vibration (Processes
    and Practices)
🔸Get the Processes, Rituals and Practices to Integrate your New Paradigm into your Neurology
🔸Apply what you learn to your Business and Life 

Why I created this Program

Creating a Coaching Business or any business for that matter, is a Personal Transformation Journey. The same applies to a great undertaking on a personal level, especially when we make a huge investment of time, money and energy.

It's a fact that success is 90% mindset and 10% action.  This has been my biggest lesson and breakthrough, to stop myself from doing, doing, doing with an underlying energy of doubt and fear. Only when I started to focus on my state of being, my self-belief and self-image, and applying the tools that I teach here in Magic Leap, did my business turn around to making six-figures.

In working with my clients, I have found that it is absolutely crucial for them too, to invest time and energy in aligning their mind for success to believe in themselves, their business vision, and in the Universe. Without a conscious and deliberate practice to stay in a positive frame of mind, it's like being thrown to the wolves of doubt, fear, self-sabotage and be eaten alive! 

That's why I created this program, to support coaches to mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically equip themselves to make a huge success of building their dream business and enjoy the process!

When you are energetically aligned with the vibration of your vision and goals, then success becomes a natural process, as it should be.

Overview of the Magic Leap Program

This is a Group Program that is delivered LIVE. Let's take a look at the Modules and what you can expect every week.

Get Clear On What You Want

To go from Point A to Point B, you got to know where you are now and where you want to go.

During this module you will:
🔸Do a Pre-Self-Assessment and Set Your Intentions so that you know where you are now
    and measure your progress and results at the end of the program (mind-blowing!)
🔸Set your Vision and Goals, or Desires & Take Ownership of Your Desires so that you
    fully accept into your life that which you want.
🔸Take Ownership of Your Energy Vibration (Neurological Process) - your first step to take
    charge of your mind instead of it controlling you.
🔸Claim Your Divine Inner Authority (Neurological Process) so that you stop giving your
    power away.
🔸How to Work with the Laws of Attraction to integrate them into your life 

Embody the New You

Design and Embody the New-You Paradigm of WHO you wish and need to BEcome to Manifest what you want. 

During this module you will:
🔸Design your New-You Paradigm to Replace the Old Self Paradigm so that you decide
    who and how you want to BE in alignment with your True Self
🔸Embody the New-You as Your New Normal (Meditation) - practice seeing yourself
    being, doing & having your desires, creating and strengthening these neural networks.
🔸Liberate the Self from the Past to Claim Your Unconditional Value as a Spiritual Being          and let go of the past to embrace who you really are (neurological process)  so that
     you stop confusing your self-worth and self-confidence
🔸Upgrade Your Self-Talk so that it matches your fulfilled desires and speak it into reality.
🔸Self-Care Manifesto to support your self-care practices

Clear the Triggers 

Clearing the Events, Scenarios, Situations that Trigger you into Fear ensures that the Old Paradigm loses its power over you.

During this module you will:
🔸Identify the Events that Trigger you into negative emotions of fear, doubt, overwhelm,
 scarcity, so that you can change your relationship with the trigger & thereby diffuse it.
🔸Flip Your Fears to expose the triggers as false assumptions thereby neutralising them
    and choose the true opposite to empower you and bounce back  (Process)
🔸Practice your Power as Meaning Maker and State Manager
🔸Practice Accurate Thinking so that you see things for what they really are and not make
    it personal, and see them as pervasive and permanent.
🔸Flip Your Fears Process

Cultivate Faith

Exercise your Muscle of Faith to Unshakeable Trust and Surrender as a Co-Creator 

During this module you will:
🔸Learn how to proactively stay ahead of your Old Self Paradigm so that you do not fall in
    the traps set to trigger you back into doubt and fear
🔸Set up Practices and Rituals to continuously Raise Your Vibration to Align with Your
    Vision so that your higher state of being becomes your new normal
🔸Practice Gratitude and Presence as Your Vibrational Set Point
🔸Feel Good Detective - Repertoire of Feel Good Vibration Igniters

Take Inspired Action

Develop Your Intuition and Practice taking Inspired Action from Your Intuition

During this module you will:
🔸Practice how to quiet your mind and listen for Guidance from your Inner Being
🔸Practice getting into the right state of presence and joy before taking any action
🔸Track Your Guidance, Action and Results
🔸Inspired Action Journal

Celebrate and Next Steps

You made it!

During this module you will:
🔸Look how far you've come and celebrate the progress you've made
🔸Troubleshoot any hiccups
🔸Next Steps from here

And now...Let's look at the details
Here's what you receive

Life time Access Package ($5000 value)
Step-by-step how to's, content, tools and neurological processes you can use forever
You can join the Magic Leap as many times as you want 

Live Group Coaching Sessions ($3000 value)
6 Live Training and Coaching Session to coach you on the spot with what you need
Recordings of all the sessions

Bonuses ($650 value)
How to work with the Universal Laws ($200 value)
Self-Care Manifesto (150 value)
Feel Good Detective ($150 value)
Inspired Action Journal ($150 value)
NEW Bonuses: ($850 value)
Get 3 Months access to the Manifest Your Bliss Community starting AFTER the Magic Leap is completed ($150 value)
Pay in full and get 1 x 60 min or 2 x 30 min 1-on-1 Coaching Session with me ($700 value)

TOTAL Value for Magic Leap: $9,500 

make it happen!


3 Payments

best deal!


One Payment
1 hour 1-on-1 Coaching  with Dina

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3 Payments

Having worked with Dina on her Manifest your Bliss program, she has been a phenomenal coach who has helped me emotionally and physically. She has guided me through old thought patterns to show me where I am holding onto old thought paradigms that were not serving me. 
Physically, through this program I have manifested a beautiful change of scenery, not just once, but TWICE! With this came the job and salary that I had manifested. I was also able to manifest on an emotional level, a much better relationship with my partner and most importantly, myself! 
My relationship with money, relationships and my goals and vision has become clearer. She has brought many tools to my toolbox which are practical and easy to use. Important, you must show up and be committed to discovering your Magnificence of YOU! Anybody considering working with Dina will be guaranteed of an awareness that brings phenomenal results. A true investment that reaps rewards!

Charmaine Roodt 

The number one thing I’ve gained working with Dina, is a mirror. A mirror that has allowed me to notice where I might be missing part of my vision, where I can go bigger, where I’m allowing myself to slip into default mode. 

This mirror has been so powerful, as it shines light on these places and allows me to fill them with my goals and aspirations to improve my perspective and enrich my life.

Nadia Engelbrecht

What have I manifested since taking on Dina Marais as my Business Coach and Universal Principles Master?
I have most recently manifested a place to contribute my entire clay studio to!
Then, much to my surprise, my good Dentist gave me a full refund of services rendered earlier this year as they hadn't yet put it into my Insurance.
But of course the biggest thing is my new business under Dina's tutelage.
I can see my Circles of Creativity, Writing and Illumination filling up hopefully by next month.
I am at Full Peace, finally. Willing and raring to go! Thank you Dina for your incredible patience with me along my path of re-inventing myself for the 5th time in my life... with this incredibly fulfilling new path that I'm on. Blessings to you!

Christine Merriman

I have manifested a huge shift in my life. . From always battling to stay positive and never accepting the negativity in my life well;  I have manifested a new emotion of gratitude and love no matter what the challenge.   I am way more relaxed, my stress levels have declined and I am enjoying life to its fullest. In June this year I faced closing my business... I shifted my thinking and through learning to manifest in Dina's course my business has turned into a very profitable business today.
I manifested an ML Mercedes Benz within 3 weeks and now a new home.

Since learning Dina's teachings I have shifted my thinking, I live in gratitude and manifest so much more than I ever have. I find things happening for me that I dreamed about and seeing them coming true proves that Dina's teaching really works ..I have finally found bliss in my life. I am still challenged, I just handle it in ways that serves me rather than fighting it. I love the way Dina and our group of amazing ladies holds our hand and supports us in every way they can . I do recommend any course Dina offers as each course I have done with Dina has brought major shifts in my life.

Melinda Lee