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Magic Leap

Step into your Power and BECOME who you wish to BE to Manifest Your Highest Vision 5-week Group Program

The Magic Leap Program will start on 3 November. 
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This is for you if you are a coach or other expert with a huge vision to make a difference

🔸Your results are less than satisfactory
🔸You experience fear and even anxiety about your business and income
🔸You doubt and second-guess yourself
🔸You sabotage your best efforts
🔸You worry about what other people think and say about you
🔸You get triggered into fear and doubt a lot
🔸You have been trying to get to the next level of income without success

If one of more of these scenarios are true for you, then know that you are trying to manifest your vision from your old paradigm and it ain't gonna work!

Let me explain to you what I mean...

Manifesting your highest vision and goals is a journey of personal transformation.

To first become who you need and wish to be and attract to you who you Are.
That's because to manifest - to make real - ALWAYS happens inside-out.

You manifest the effect of your inner thoughts and emotions into your 
actions and results.

Success like wealth, health and happiness is an EFFECT and the CAUSE behind the effect is your
STATE OF BEING and your Energy Vibration Frequency of how you think, feel and act

You cannot create a New Reality from the thoughts and emotions of stress, fear, doubt and scarcity
You can only create more of what you have.

What's in the way is your Old Paradigm, aka Ego, Old Self or False Self that is controlling your
thoughts and emotions and thereby your actions and results.

To manifest the success you want it's necessary to REPLACE the Old Paradigm with a
New You Paradigm of who you wish & need to BECOME that is  Aligned with the
Energy Vibration Frequency of  your vision  and True Self


Over 6 Weeks you will...
🔸Get Clear on your Vision and Goals so that you can create the Images of what you Want and Focus on them 🔸Take Ownership of your Vibration so that you become Aware and Conscious (Neurological Process)
🔸Claim your Inner Divine Authority to stop giving your power away (Neurological Process)
🔸Liberate your Spiritual Self from the Past and let go of everything that is not serving you (Neurological Process) 🔸Design and Embody the Essence of your True Self and start living at that higher vibration (Meditation)
🔸Flip your Fears and Triggers so that you neutralise them (Neurological Process)
🔸Develop Faith and Gratitude to Integrate your New Self and get proactive to stay in a high vibration (Processes
    and Practices)
🔸Get the Processes, Rituals and Practices to Integrate your New Paradigm into your Neurology
🔸Apply what you learn to your Business and Life 

Why Magic Leap?

Creating a Coaching Business or any business, is a Personal Transformation Journey
Success is 90% Mindset and 10% Action
When you are energetically aligned with the vibration of your Vision and Goals, then success becomes a natural process

It's challenging to build a coaching business and your best investment is to be aligned to success, believe in yourself
and  release self-doubt, control, perfectionism, procrastination that has kept your LOCKED in the past.

Dina Marais