Final Own Your Year Planning Retreat
happens 6 & 7 January 2022! Price remains at $99!


Own Your Year (Virtual) Planning Retreat

Plan your Launches, Holidays, Projects to be executed with ease, joy and time to spare!

A LIVE (Virtual) Planning Retreat Experience

Plan your Launches, Holidays, Projects so that you can execute them with Ease, Joy & Time to Spare!

Join us to gain a profound sense of accomplishment and confidence (in yourself and your business)  
PLUS the certainty that you WILL manifest your highest vision for the next year
Because you will have the mind space to be focused, strategic and effective.

You are a Coach, Expert, Business Owner and you have:
πŸ”˜ Coaching Programs, Courses or Services to launch or promote and sell
πŸ”˜ New programs, projects, and ideas to create and launch
πŸ”˜ Projects on the backburner that the time has come for to create

In just 2 Sessions of 3 Hours you will:
πŸ”˜ Plan your Business & Life Events - launches, promotions, holidays
πŸ”˜ Use the Launch Calculator to accurately estimate how much time you need
πŸ”˜ Create your Visual Calendar showing your Year at a Glance
πŸ”˜ Test the Financial Viability of your plan, tweak and adjust to hit your Money

πŸ”˜ Plan your first 90 days in detail
πŸ”˜ Visualise, Commit and Surrender your intentions to the Universe
πŸ”˜ Forge New Connections with fellow participants
πŸ”˜ Walk away with clearly defined Next Steps and a Celebration

GET IT DONE while having FUN!

Before I created this process, I didn't have a way to:
πŸ”˜ Organise my business strategically
πŸ”˜ Allocate the time and space to achieve all of my goals
πŸ”˜ Verify that my planned activities would meet my financial targets

What happened instead was that:
πŸ”˜ I reacted impulsively to my business, taking random action, creating overwhelm
πŸ”˜ I overestimated my efficiency to complete tasks
πŸ”˜ I underestimated the details and how long things take to complete
πŸ”˜ Because I did things haphazardly, I was always under time-pressure and I

     inevitably dropped the ball in my business and my personal life

I knew there must be a better and easier way and I discovered:
πŸ”˜ A visual plan that shows the Big Picture AND the Details
πŸ”˜ It lets me see how Changes will impact on my Timing and Financials
πŸ”˜ Measuring my Results and Tracking my Progress is Fast and Easy
πŸ”˜ And most important, it frees up more Personal and Family Time.

What you get:
πŸ”˜ Editable Workbook to do all your planning
πŸ”˜ Calendar that you need to print out for day 2
πŸ”˜ Me, walking you through the steps and answer your questions to help you get it
    all done.

What you bring:
πŸ”˜ Post-it notes, coloured pens, markers, stickers, jazz up your calendar
    on day 2

Track & Measure your Results

πŸ”˜ Marketing Results - open and click rates of your emails, posts on social media
πŸ”˜ Launch Success - the results of your launch and lessons learned
πŸ”˜ Client Growth - email list, 1-on-1 clients, group coaching clients
πŸ”˜ Financials - comparing actuals with projected income streams

I created these tools to track each new program launch, to measure
my results and instantly course-correct
And there's an extra bonus.
These tools motivate me to follow my plan and stay focused on
manifesting my vision

Own Your Year (Virtual) Planning Retreat for ONLY $99


πŸ”˜ Get Clear on WHAT & WHY you want to manifest in your business and life the
     next year
πŸ”˜ Have a Clear STRATEGY of how to get there PLUS how to Measure and Track
     your Progress
πŸ”˜ Have a VISUAL VIEW of the whole year to enable you to quickly make strategic
     decisions in harmony with your vision and plan
πŸ”˜ LEAD your business strategically instead of reacting to your business
πŸ”˜ Have enough TIME to design, plan and execute launches that exceed your
πŸ”˜ Be READY take advantage of Opportunities that come your way
πŸ”˜ Create the SPACE for all your new ideas and important projects that have been
     put on the back-burner
πŸ”˜ Lead your business and life in a RELAXED way
πŸ”˜ Create the Space for self-care and BALANCE, enjoying more time with your
     loved ones

The Program

1. Create your Vision. Set your Goals

Preparation before the Retreat: Look back to look forward. Reflect to see what went well, what didn't and what you want to include in the next year's planning & create your Vision including financials, client growth, personal growth, etc.
We kick off the Retreat by Setting your Goals.

2. Take Inventory

Put yourself first and allocate the time that you would like to take for yourself.
Then list EVERYTHING that you want to do in the next year, specify WHEN you want to do it and CALCULATE HOW LONG it will take.
Add in all your regular activities as well.

End Session & Day 1

We are half way and it is time take a break.
We get together, eat and drink something and just have a chat, sharing about your experience so far and also just getting to know each other.
Plus this gives you time to ask questions and review what you have done so far.

3. Day 2 - Create your Visual Calendar

Calendarise everything in your inventory in a specific order to minimise calendar conflicts.
Get a clear view of how to best schedule your planned actions throughout the year.
Expect to have lots of FUN bringing your calendar to life! 

4 & 5. Test your Plan + Plan 90 Days

Test your plan, tweak and adjust it to ensure it satisfies your financial & lifestyle goals.
Break out a detailed plan for the first 90 days.
We wrap up by doing a visualisation in which you commit and surrender your intentions to the universe.


It is DONE! It's time to Celebrate what you just accomplished and show off your handiwork!
We share our experiences with each other while enjoying our snacks and beverages.
I also share with you a variety of possible next steps. 

Own Your Year (Virtual) Planning Retreat for ONLY $99


9 am PST(USA & Canada) 12 pm EST (USA & Canada)
5 pm UK/GMT
6 pm CET (Europe)
7 pm CAT/SAST (Africa)

9 am UK/ GMT
10 am CET (Europe)
11 am CAT/SAST (Africa)
5 pm AWST  8 pm AEDT (Australia) 


I had so many ideas swirling in my head and I needed help to decide which of them were most important and profitable for my business. The workshop helped me do that. Thank you!!

Toni Snyder
Spirituality coach

The problem I needed to solve was to have a strategy, and a line to follow, for the actions, and the activity and the financial results to follow.
It felt good to sit down and really do the numbers, and the planning. Otherwise, it is just one week at a time, and not very strategic
It helped me think differently about planning my year and my business.
The 4 hours is great for the accountability and the immediate support, teaching + practice all together.

Elise MouscardΓ©s
Success Coach

Own Your Year (Virtual) Planning Retreat for ONLY $99


The workshop was excellent satisfying 3 things for me:
1. Dina's facilitation was excellent!
2. The group interaction was truly helpful
3. The huge satisfaction looking at my finished calendar saying, "It is done!!"

John Corey
Property Investment Coach

I had a long list of things I wanted to accomplish the next year made me anxious. I worried that I wouldn't have enough time to do it all and I wasn't sure what to do first.
Clarifying the to-do's and mapping them across the entire year showed me that there was time and space for everything. Having a clear plan calmed my stress. The best part was seeing every single thing I wanted to do on the calendar. The visual representation of it was extremely satisfying!
I especially loved the one-on-one attention from Dina that helped me to see how I could customise the workshop for my needs. 

Nadia Engelbrecht
Nutritionist & Coach

Own Your Year (Virtual) Planning Retreat for ONLY $99

About your facilitator, Dina Marais

Dina Marais is an Online Business and Mindset Transformation Coach for coaches, experts, consultants, entrepreneurs...
Her specialty is to help her clients building their online coaching business from scratch to launch, including their coaching programs as well as to cultivate the right mindset of abundance consciousness to manifest their dream business and life. 

Do you have Questions: Drop me an email to get support.



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Planning Your Year gives me great Peace!

Dina Marais is so complete with everything she offers, especially in this Plan Your Year Program. She sits there with us as we write out first, our days off and Holidays. How perfect is that for balance in what you're going to do!?! She then remains available to each of us with our questions, concerns, confusions, and hugs us with our rewards. She inspires me in every way to do my best. Now that I understand the POWER of PLANNING, I can only do my very best. This class will save you lost time, energy, and waiting until the last minute, because you already understand what needs to be done and when. Incredibly valuable. Thank you so much, Dina!

2 months ago

Plan your year retreat gave me peace of mind

After attending this workshop I have peace of mind regarding my next year with launches, and I see how everything ties together. Dina gave me so many tools and a way to think strategically and visualise my campaigns and goals. The feeling of an overview is great. Such a well invested time doing this under Dina's inspiring guidance. I will definitely use the toolbox to create amazing launches and content. Loved that we started with blocking time for holidays and rejuvenation. So important to have a LIFE/work balance.

2 months ago

Planning and beyond.....

I have done a number of Dina's Courses this year and this one is no exception. Dina's meticulous attention to detail ensures that not only is everything that you could think of is covered comprehensively but is practically orientated to be grounded in working in reality. My ah ha, was actually working with financial projection of what is feasible or not. I f you are seeking clarity for 2021, I highly recommend this retreat. Thank you Dina for going above and beyond.

1 year ago

So much MORE than planning...

Before I participated in Dina's 'Plan Your Year Retreat,' I had an assortment of ideas about how I could pivot my business, but no clear 'big picture' plan. I wasn't sure what to focus on, how to put all of these seemingly random pieces together, or even what made sense financially.Β  My overwhelm almost stopped me. I felt I was not ready for the retreat, but couldn't see how to get ready, other than jump in and hope to get clear in the process. And I DID! Thanks to this program's orderly structure and Dina's excellent facilitation, I now know WHAT I will be doing, WHEN, and HOW MUCH revenue each activity/product/service will generate.Β  I also gained confidence that my new direction IS my best option, and am excited to move forward. (That's a big deal, as after 21 years, my business hadΒ become a daily grind.) Now I am jumping in with all the energy I had initially - or more!Β  Knowing that I can continue to work with Dina as my coach to make all of this happen is an added benefit.Β  This 'reinvention' and 'planning' process has been invaluable! Thank you Dina! When I tell others about this program, I will let them know it is so much MORE than planning. It is a creative meeting of minds that unleashes a flow of amazing ideas and strategies! Rosemary Davies-Janes

1 year ago
Melinda Strydom

Melinda Strydom

I had an idea of what to expect in the days retreat however I did not expect all the planning that I did. WOW. I was so unsure of myself in terms of what is possible and when I put it all out today I found that all I want to do is achievable. I truly enjoyed the financial side too and ensuring that what we have planned will meet our monthly requirements. I loved spending the time with others that are also goal orientated and motivated. Thank you Dina. I trust 2021 is going to be a well planned and successful year for me. If you want direction in your life this is the retreat to get exactly that.

1 year ago

Own Your Year (Virtual) Planning Retreat for ONLY $99
Book before 16 December and get 15 min 1:1 with Dina