Manifesto for
Soul-Aligned Manifesting 

How to Manifest Your Dream Goals without hustling, working harder, or burnout.

Manifesting requires Being more than Doing

What's in the Manifesto for Soul-Aligned Manifesting?

Your Powers of Creation

You have been created with the powers to create your life, your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions. 

Become an Bestselling Published Author

The #1 strategy to radically expand your brand, visibility and credibility is to become a bestselling published author, sharing with you the criteria and options to achieve that.


Learn about what is required for Soul-Alignment. Your unique Human Design gives you a deeper insight.

Manifesting Practices

There are essential practices to align with your True Self to maintain your alignment to manifesting your dream goals, including how to diffuse triggers that drop your vibration.

Manifesto for Soul-Aligned Manifesting