The Soul-Aligned Business Success Checklist

including Self-Assessment and Practices

How to Manifest Your Dream Goals
in Alignment with Your True Self

💜Soul-Alignment Criteria and Self-assessment
💜Vibrational Alignment with Human Design
💜Expand your Brand, Visibility and Credibility

Why is this important?

💜I believe that a soul-aligned business is the only way to fulfil our soul
     contract for this life and this requires that we are fully aligned with our
     True Self.

💜In this checklist, you will become aware of your alignment with your True
     Self, to recognise and measure where you are aligned, to what extent,
     and where not.

💜The idea is to gain self-awareness on where you want or need to expand
     in your consciousness to up level your business in alignment with your

Who am I that you listen to me?

I am, Dina Marais,  the founder of Soul Purpose Publishing and Coaching, 5-time international bestselling author, Soul-Aligned Manifesting Coach and artist.

I work with established entrepreneurs to unleash the potential of their brands, elevate their visibility and skyrocket their credibility by becoming bestselling published authors. I publish solo, multi-author and partnership (your multi-author) books.

As a Soul-Aligned Manifesting Coach I support entrepreneurs to understand their unique Quantum Human Design™ so that they know who they really are and what they are here to do.  This enables them to create what is Right for them in the Right way.