Manifest Your Bliss from Abundance

Manifest Your Bliss from Abundance

Reinvent yourSelf & your Life by Breaking Free from Fear & Scarcity of the Past and Embody the Essence of your True Self who is rooted in Abundance!

Course Summary

Whatever your Bliss is, it can only be Manifested from the Energy Vibration of Abundance. 
You have to BECOME and EMBODY the ESSENCE of your TRUE SELF, who is rooted in the 
Presence and Source Energy of Abundance.

In this 9-week program, you will 
BREAK FREE from your Fears and Limitations of your Ego-Mind and 
CONNECT with the Presence and Essence of your True Self.

It is through Embracing and SURRENDERING to the Infinite Power & Possibilities of the UNKNOWN that you 

Co-Create with the Universe.

You will learn a SYSTEM of Integrating a STATE-OF-BEING of Presence, Abundance and Trust that becomes your new normal, allowing you to be a CO-CREATOR with the Divine to MANIFEST YOUR BLISS in any area of your Life and Business - 

as your new normal.

As Presence becomes your dominant Way-of-Being the noise of the incessant Voice of the Ego-Mind in your Head Subsides.

Moving beyond your fear of scarcity in any form, you now see challenges in your life as non-threatening because you KNOW from BEING in PRESENCE that everything works out for you.

I have been where you might be now and my own story is the reason I am on this journey. 

My quest and passion to find answers to Manifest my Bliss have changed my life and business and that of my clients.

So if that is what you are looking for, if this is your journey, then let's do this together.

This program starts again in October 2020 and will be open for enrolment for a few days only.
In the mean time and to stay in the loop, sign up for the Free Template Claim your Powers to Create Your Bliss. 

course outcomes

This is the journey of your Spiritual Awakening as Co-Creator with the Universe, where you 
Reconnect with the Essence of your True Self through Presence, 
Rebuild your Trust in the Universe and Align your Energy Vibration with the Energy of Abundance that 
allows you to Manifest your Bliss.

Here you will Break Free from the fears and limitations of the past that are holding you back and 

Reinvent your Self, your Life and your Destiny.

This 9-week Program is delivered through LIVE Calls. 

You will get the module content on a Sunday and we have the LIVE Call on a Wednesday.
Before and after the course, you will do a Self-Assessment to measure your personal progress. 
For every module of this course, you will get a Meditation/Visualisation and Recording as well as a Workbook. 
Manifest a New Destiny System consisting of Neurological Processes, Visualisations, Meditations and Practices
Discover your SoulPurpose Niche Program
Life Time Access to the Course Material
Free Updates and Upgrades
Your Community to share and question and celebrate with.

claim your powers

The first step is to develop Self-Awareness and take Ownership of your Powers of Creation, moving from victim to victor-mode.
Developing Self-Awareness and Ownership is an ongoing process of tuning to Presence.

liberate yourself

Here you Claim your Inner Authority and Liberate yourself from your Past, realising you are Unconditionally Valuable as a Spiritual Being.
This is your separation from your Ego-Mind and Connecting to your Presence .

embody your essence

Now you design the Essence of your True Self as well as the ways to embody your Essence in your daily life so that it becomes your State-of-Being.
This nurtures the new neural pathways become your default way of thinking and feeling. 

Connect to presence

Embrace practices and rituals to connect to Presence and cultivate Optimism and thereby trow faith in yourself and the Universe.
Let go of Limiting Beliefs, Fear, Pessimism, Procrastination, Ego-Mind noise in your head.

soul purpose  & vision

Discover or confirm your Soul's Purpose and then design your  Vision in Alignment with the Universe and your Essence.
Having done the work up to now allows your Soul Purpose to emerge as well as your Vision.

trust in the universe

Here you will rebuild your Trust in the Universe to Let Go and Surrender your Vision to the Universe to manifest for you.
This process is hugely transformational as it is the biggest obstacle to overcome.

live your future now

Embody your Vision and fully identify with your new future as if you have it already in alignment with your Essence and the Universe in the Now and not something out there that is unattainable. 


Here we will Celebrate the Embodying of your Essence, New Reality and Abundance in Presence.
We will also do trouble shooting and discuss your next steps from here. 



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Inspiring, Uplifting, Shifting and Manifesting

The above words are my expression of the journey of the course. 1. Inspiration arrived in 3 ways from Dina, the group/ community and the universe. 2. Upliftment occurred in my way of thinking and doing by executing the powerful processes Dina provided on a weekly basis. 3. Shifts occurred for me personally and the group as we put into practice what we learned. As a coach it was a privilege to witness how each member of the group physically shifted to new places. 4. Manifesting is the result of the course. I personally have an increased client base, increased finances and feel so much more present, connected to universe and content within. Thanks Dina.

2 weeks ago

My gratitude to Dina Marais is boundless for this course, Manifesting Your Bliss. At first, I thought, oh, I've heard that before. Besides, isn't "bliss" old fashioned? So, Dina had to thoroughly pull me in by my hair. (Not really, haha.) But she could see what I could not! Then in the first class, I thought, oh, I know THAT... but I soon discovered a truth. Sure, I MIGHT have once known how to manifest, but do I STILL? And I was hooked. Yes, I am a Young-Elder today, at age 69. I have heard lots about the Universal Energies, about Attracting Abundance, about raising our vibrations, and yadayadayada. What hooked me was truly allowing myself to get back in TOUCH with everything I'd once learned, and now found myself learning again, a VERY new way. My former career had been shockingly lost to the need to tend my own elders. That job, tending, caught me up for almost ten full years! And in that time, I'd honestly lost my way back into any real life just as I had lost my memory of these many invaluable lessons. In class, I was actually embarrassed by this fact. So, I dug into Dina's musical voice in magic meditations, her lessons often included physical movements to make her points clear and "sticky", and I absolutely devoured her simple writing assignments which suddenly made everything so clear! I listened and re-listened to each course just allowing it all to sink in as deep as humanly possible. I also fell in love with every participant who brought their own difficulties to class, so we all could learn together. I found I was NOT alone anymore. I felt real affection, respect, and dignity in our classroom as we all struggled, laughed, assisted, and applauded each other.. And I finally, found my SELF.... complete not only with my confidence in tact, but empowered. I found validations so necessary to my own healing. And discovered that yes, I can offer the world something new... again. And that these rich feelings and this incredible knowledge will NEVER leave me. We are still all together meeting weekly to be accountable to each other in love, peace, understanding, and joy. Wow. Today, I am launching a new third career that I KNOW will provide for me for at least another ten full years of joyous, prosperous entrepreneurship. Thank you, Dina, from the bottom of my Being, for rescuing me from getting in my own way! My heart is clear, my thoughts are loving, my body is vibrant, and my Soul is laughing with the Universe above, below, and deep inside my heart. Bless you.

2 weeks ago
So now we know in order to know better

The course gave me a good realization that yes we do create our own realities. Although I attracted some business dealings that I thought I wanted, at least now I know. I found Self-Awareness to be a strong pillar in the course for me. It helped me be real in my reality. I acknowledge the hell I created so that I can now create my Heaven on earth. I have more power & authority now to live for myself ... I care way less about what people think or say about me. I also reduced greatly on people-pleasing. I have clarity now on my authentic purpose and people around me give me more respect. ... I would say my biggest "win" is gaining the balls to stand strong and be able to not let any big business guy use my artistic services for cheap. I am now able to get what I deserve. As with Dina's advanced IT background ... The twist of IT analogies is awesome.

2 weeks ago
Manifesting abundance with ease.

Thank you Dina, for having created this magnificent and hands on course. It has been an absolute blessing being part of the life changing program - tools, knowledge, accessing your inner wisdom, creating new perceptions and looking through different lenses creating the life you want. I had many "ah-ha" moments manifesting within me, feeling the real beauty of life.

4 weeks ago
Exceeded expectations

This course totally exceeded my expectations. Dina is incredibly knowledgeable and a caring and gifted instructor. Every lesson was life changing. I found it helpful that each live class was recorded so I was able to go back and listen to the information that was presented to digest it more fully.

4 weeks ago
A course that gifts you with knowledge & understanding to shift manifesting abundance with ease.

The course starts with a pre-assessment which looked like my school report, lol miserable and low scoring. DIna has the ability to make learning things fun and easy and also exciting. Starting the course through a very tough lockdown period was perfect for me as I was at my lowest point in my life and wanting to give up. I witnessed major shifts within my thinking during the course and ending with a very positive post-assessment made me aware of the shifts that had taken place. The results have been amazing with very little effort. Most courses teach you the tricks, this course shifts your way of thinking and gives you new thought patterns, I do believe that these new thoughts are engrained in me for good and there is no turning back. I am facing all my fears with a new way of turning negative into positive. This course has changed my life and I do believe that it is the easiest, most fun, and most user friendly course I have ever done. Thank you so much Dina, I am very grateful for you.

4 weeks ago
So much more than you find anywhere else

I have been on MANY courses and ready MANY books and done MANY processes. The title of the course does not do it justice! This is not just a course this is LIFE CHANGING and the wealth of abundance that Dina presents is more than you even thought possible. The clarity and the inner wisdom you receive will change your life and you will Manifest your Bliss in all aspects of your life, if you choose to! I know this has changed my life and I will continue to work with these practices and processes as they are really simple. You just need to put in the work and the effort and the abundance in all aspects will flow whether it is in finding yourself, creating wealth, changing your mindset. Go on you do not want to miss out on this magnificent opportunity!

1 month ago

During the first self-assessment, I felt doubt about this course and it will same with whatever I read on the internet and books. Never, ever I realized I did not have what it takes to manifest my dream or bliss. I confess I not all attend the live course but I surely changed me as a Person, and I now know what is missing in my life and my personal opinion about to manifest my dream. Dina is such a good instructor and mentor and her experience in checking and understanding ourselves is good and more than willing to help us to overcome our obstacles as per her understanding by giving excellent advice. Last but not least, I truly believe anyone that spent time in this course will have the transformation in their life and gain clarity with their lives and will Manifest your Bliss too!!

1 month ago
Awesome and Mind-Blowing

I have done numerous courses like these and for the first time I really shifted Measurably! I am making money (I really struggled with this before), my relationships and wellbeing have skyrocketed! My business is booming. Plus I love my connection with Presence and the Essence of My True Self. Just Loved it!!

1 month ago

Dina Marais

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