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5 Success Strategies of Non Fiction Bestselling Authors

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I am deeply grateful for Dina & the amazing experience of being a part of the creation & birthing of a #1 international bestselling book. This entire experience has been so transformative & healing for me in so many ways. This is my first venture into writing, Dina has been the perfect teacher & guide. I was able to find my way into writing in a natural, organic way & before I knew it I had my story down on paper.
She makes the whole process easy to follow with excellent support all the way. I have the bug now. I see how this whole experience has changed me & my life. It has already had an amazing impact on my business, not least of all because of my shift in perspective being an international bestselling author. Thank you Dina. The community of wonderful women I feel connected with now, like icing on an already delicious cake.

Souli Yates


Manifesto for Soul-Aligned Manifesting 

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