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Are you seeking a place to belong, where you can unapologetically be your authentic self?
Were you can expand your prosperity consciousness?
Where you can learn and practice to Manifest your Dreams and Goals?

This is our quest as a group and as individuals.
This Community will support you, hold you accountable and celebrate you!

What you receive

Personal / Spiritual Development Curriculum
3 LIVE Group Calls per month of 1 hour
Community Support, Accountability, Friendship, Fun, Laughter, Nourishment for Your Soul

The Ever Expanding Personal / Spiritual Development Curriculum
Self-Assessment (where you are when you join)
Create Your Vision and Goals for 6 months
5 Step System to Manifest a New Reality
Take Ownership of Your Powers of Creation (neurological process)
Cultivate Faith - Presence and Optimism
How to Practice the Universal Laws
Money Flow Alignment program

Weekly Format of the Meetings
We meet on Wednesdays for the first 3 weeks of a month.
We have a class on Spirituality/Personal Development for about 20 minutes after which
we discuss and question for further understanding and integration.
Then we break into rooms and share our goals, wins and challenges  (accountability)
We come back to the main room and celebrate and encourage each other.
If someone needs coaching, I help them while the break out rooms are in session.

I will also be doing interviews periodically with people who are masters at manifesting or have 

them join us and share their gems of knowledge with us.



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Melinda Strydom

A huge shift for me

I started this journey with Dina over a year ago and the shifts that I have received due to my new knowledge that I gained is fantastic. Understanding how the mind works, how to attract what you dream and how to regroup to remain focused allowed me to reach new heights and I look forward to the 6 month journey of focusing and manifesting our dreams and goals. Dina's teachings are fun and light-hearted and even though she pushes you, Dina pushes you at a comfortable pace. I recommend this course for anyone not living their fulfilled life yet. I love the Wednesday night zoom meetings too.

1 year ago

Dina Marais

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