Reinvent your Self and your Destiny

Reinvent your Self and your Destiny

Free Yourself from the Past and Manifest your Dreams - 1-on-1 Coaching Program

Course Summary

This amazing transformational 1-on-1 program is for you if you have decided that you are ready to 
break free from whatever is holding you back from achieving your dreams, whether you are an 
experienced coach or expert who are beyond ready to finally Manifest your highest dreams and with ease or 
you have realised that you either need to let your traumatic past go or end up re-creating your 
dysfunctional life and relationships, self-sabotaging every good thing that shows up.

The outcome of this 8-week Intensive (over 3 months) is for you to 

Reinvent Yourself so that you show up BEING at peace and at ease in the Present Moment, 
balancing your Being and Doing and from your Essence, Manifest your Highest Dreams as easy as breathing.

Because I charge for an Outcome, the average number of sessions is 8 - some less, some more.
We continue until you get your outcome.

What will get you there is not more performance – you already have everything in place and you know that doing more is not the answer.
The answer is the Transformation of your Core Self and Connecting to the Transcendent Dimension of you.
This is an awakening of your Being as Consciousness. 

It is a combination of Neuro-Science, Quantum Physics, and Spirituality.

During the first 2 sessions, we get to an overall outcome that is unique to you and that would reflect the essence of who you want to BE so that you can easily achieve and manifest your highest vision.

We go through all the different scenarios where you experience fear, doubt, self-sabotage, limiting yourself, and thereby preventing yourself from manifesting your dream outcomes.

During this process of exploration, we get to the CORE of what is really holding you back. This is not something we skim over to give you a quick fix. I am sure you have had those, only for the issue to show up again. And although we dig deep, we keep it light.

From here we create the Change Process and the necessary Change Work to be done from the 3rd session onwards. This is a combination of coaching to shift your beliefs and using neurological processes to create new neural networks.

In fact, you do the work – you need to follow up and repeat what I show you. I give you the recordings of the change processes and you repeat them to integrate them into your neurology.

I coach you to:

Take ownership of your Mind – realize it is your ego-mind and coaching you to step into Presence.

Liberate yourself from the Past and separate your doing from your being and realize that you are unconditionally valuable, creating the connection with Source Energy and your Essence so that you stop measuring your self-worth in terms of your performance.

Connect with your Being through Presence and Consciousness and let your Being inform your Doing – thereby balancing your Being and Doing.

I coach you to:

Design and Embody the Essence of your True Self to embody a High Energy Vibration of Abundance and Joy, attracting to you experiences that match your energy.

Step into Acceptance and Presence and access Peace when things become challenging.

Develop Optimism for those challenging situations – a clever neurological process to empower yourself to quickly bounce back from negative emotions.

Build a New Relationship of Resilience and Trust with the Universe so that you can let go of the fear of losing control.

Look at challenges as part of life having the expanded consciousness to transcend them instead of seeing them as enemies.

We look at the actions you are taking and if they are in alignment with where you want to go and we look at possible innovative offerings to expand your business further.

I support you to integrate this new state-of-being so that it becomes your new normal, raising your energy vibration to align with the energy vibration of abundance and manifest your dream outcomes as easy as breathing.

To qualify for this specific offer to manifest the next level of your business, is that you are somebody who is smart enough to know that you need a coach to help you get where you want to be and are ready to start now and make this investment in yourself.

If this is you, that tells me that you will take this investment in yourself seriously and will do the work to reinvent yourself, your life, your business and your destiny. 

Dina Marais

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    $1750 USD

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  • On average 8 x 1-on-1 Sessions - if more sessions are needed we add more
  • Recordings of Coaching Calls
  • Life-time Access to Course Materials and Neurological Processes