Upgrade Your Mindset

Soul Alignment 1-on-1 Coaching Program

Transform and Transcend your False Self and Align with the Essence of your Soul to Manifest your Dreams

Coaching Program Summary

This amazing transformational 1-on-1 program is for you if you have decided that you are ready to 
break free from whatever is holding you back from achieving your dreams, whether you are an 
experienced coach or expert who are beyond ready to finally break through to a new level of income and 
manifest your highest vision and goals and with ease or 
you have realised that you either need to let your traumatic past go or end up re-creating the
current results of your business, life, health or relationships.

The outcome of this 6-week Intensive is for you to 

Transform and Transcend your false self paradigm so that you show up BEING at peace and at ease in the Present Moment, 
balancing your Being and Doing and from your Essence, Manifest your Highest Dreams as easy as breathing.

Because I charge for an Outcome, the average number of sessions is 8 - some less, some more.
We continue until you get your outcome.

What will get you there is not more performance – you already have everything in place and you know that doing more is not the answer.
The answer is the Transformation of your Core Self and Connecting to the Transcendent Dimension of you.
This is an awakening of your Being as Consciousness. 

It is a combination of Neuro-Science, Quantum Physics, and Spirituality.

The First Phase is from 4 to 6 weeks:
Some pre-work before the first session: Set your outcome and do a self-assessment
Session 1
🔸Unpack your outcome (so I am on the same page as you of
     what you want)  
🔸Look at your current results, and what the story is behind them  
🔸Understand your results and outcome in terms of vibration
🔸You take ownership of your vibration & claim divine inner
    authority (neurological process)  
🔸For homework you set your vision of 6 months, 1 goal and
     identify the situations that trigger you into self-doubt, anxiety,
     etc. (sales conversation and where else)
🔸You start a daily journal of gratitude and counting.  

Session 2
🔸Review your vision and goal and check for ecology,
    structure, language  
🔸We do Liberate Self (neurological process)  
🔸Unpack the triggers one by one – dismantle the story,
     change the relationship, create new beliefs.
🔸We dig deep and uncover referent events such as
     childhood traumas or experiences that keep the old
     paradigm in place.  
🔸For homework you design your true self essence of who
    you need to become to manifest your vision, create
    visuals for your vision, and I give you practices to
    embodying your vision and goal.  

Session 3
🔸Review design of true self and see the detailed image of this
    new place of a higher vibration that will become your new home
    of seeing the world – your vision, goal and true self.  
🔸Here you get a meditation to embody your vision, goal and true
     self to practice.  
🔸We unpack the next trigger and change the limiting beliefs and
     create new beliefs that support you instead, that you will take
     action on.  
🔸I give you a tool to flip your fears (your old paradigm will put up
    a fight and you need to know how to handle that)  as well as
    self-care practices.  
🔸You also journal about your self-awareness, to identify your
     states and flip them when necessary.  

Session 4 to 6
🔸We continue unpacking triggers that may have arisen.  
🔸We expand on the practices and rituals – morning, day-
     time and evening routines to integrate your new reality
     and to consciously live at that new high energy vibration
🔸I give you tools to deliberately raise your energy
🔸By now you have embodied a whole new paradigm that
     needs to continue to integrate and become dominant.
     This takes practice, commitment, and discipline, but the
     reward is priceless!  
🔸By now you have built a new relationship with all your
     triggers, yourself, spirit and money.  You have also
     learned the tools to handle any trigger that your old
     paradigm throws at you.  
🔸By now you feel empowered, confident, unstoppable,
    calm, relaxed, present and at peace.  Anxiety and self-
    doubt is not part of your vibration any longer.  

Second Phase (if applicable)
🔸The integration of phase 1 continues
🔸We now circle back to look at your High-Ticket Offer/Business  
🔸We take it through a checklist to see if it meets the criteria of a
     high-ticket program
🔸We then explore strategies how to meet the criteria, increase the
     price point and or add more value
🔸We also check in how the price point settles in your body and if
     any objections that we need to process  
🔸From here we meet once per month and you have 2 months
    access to the High-Ticket Coaching Business Creation System       (2 group calls per month) for you to upgrade your high-ticket
    program if necessary.    
🔸Put it to the test, if you haven’t already, by putting your high-
    ticket offer out and get sales!  (actually I encourage you to test
    every week getting a client, so see the progress and observe
    what works and don’t work).  

Session 8 or 9 (some people take longer than others)  
🔸Check that your outcome has been achieved
🔸Celebrate all that you have accomplished.  

Dina has an uncanny way of getting to the deepest root cause of what is keeping you stuck, reflecting it back to you, and employing simple but remarkable processes, to transcend it.
Her warmth, belief in you, and consistent and unwavering support make her a dream to work with. Her work is profound - I cannot recommend Dina more highly! Thank you beautiful Dina  

Shelley Honeychurch


Dina has helped me tremendously in regaining control & authority over my life at a time when I was in a very deep and dark emotional & mental state.
She helped me face my situation head on, dug deep and revealed a lot of truths about my life, and also gave me the tools, steps & guidelines to move forward.

Anica Cronje


Dina Marais

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  • On average 8 x 1-on-1 Sessions - if more sessions are needed we add more
  • Recordings of Coaching Calls
  • Life-time Access to Course Materials and Neurological Processes
  • 3 Months Free Access to the Manifest Your Bliss Community
  • 2 payments
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  • On Average 8 x 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions - if more are needed, we do more
  • Recordings of Coaching Calls
  • Life-time Access to Course Materials and Neurological Processes
  • 3 Months Free Access to the Manifest Your Bliss Community