About me

My coaching journey started nearly two decades ago, when I decided to become an NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming – Practitioner. Thereafter I progressed to Neuro-Semantics, PNI – Psycho Neuro Immunology and Quantum Physics. Along the way I have accumulated many certifications. Having qualified as a Certified Quantum Leap Transformation Coach, brought all my learnings together as a Soul-Alignment Coach.

The combination of the affinity for tech and the talent for course creation that I acquired in my previous career in IT, and learning from mentors like Jeff Walker, allowed me to create a complete suite of courses. This gives coaches an all-in-one, best-practice, step-by-step roadmap to build their entire online coaching business from scratch to launch. 

of becoming...

I grew up amidst scarcity consciousness, where criticising, condemning, complaining, blaming, dissatisfaction, fear, powerlessness, was the day-to-day experience. I grew up feeling and believing I was not good enough, not worthy of love, not deserving of abundance. I grew up feeling less than, not approved of, and not accepted as a friend by the rich kids.
Although I had big dreams, my inferior self-image inevitably sabotaged my efforts because of the underlying fear that no matter what I did, I was doomed to scarcity. So, I tried harder, worked 7 days a week for years, controlling every facet of my life and business. You guessed it. Crickets.

 It was only after I cleared and transcended the triggers of the past, focused on aligning my energy vibration with my soul essence, and surrendered control of the how to the Universe that my business turned around.

Now I am having the time of my life as an independent publisher, giving a voice to successful entrepreneurs to share their stories with the world and thereby elevate their brand and expand their business.

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