4 Steps How to Embrace Uncertainty as Your Friend of Possibility

How to embrace uncertainty is a foreign concept for most people because we have been conditioned as such.

So let me ask you, when you think of uncertainty what comes up for you? Well, most probably fear because that's what most people experience. In actual fact, the fear of uncertainty relates to the fear of losing control and is one of the three universal fears according to Gregg Braden, author of The Divine Matrix.

The first universal fear is the fear of separation that relates to the fear of abandonment and the fear of rejection. The second universal fear is the fear of not being good enough, not worthy, or not important enough to matter.

Fear is an emotion with a very low energy vibration. What we think about with fear, we energize. What we energize expands and manifests.

Fortunately, we also expand and manifest what we think about with an emotion that has a high energy vibration like joy, love, excitement, and gratitude.

Now, I want to leave you with four ideas here to consider that will start moving you from fearing uncertainty to embracing uncertainty. So that you can start feeling comfortable with being uncomfortable. Are you open to that?

1 Align Intention with Attention

When you have a clear intention, a clear vision of what it is that you're going for, and you pay attention to that, it will move into form. In other words, have a clear image of what you desire, think about it frequently, feel gratitude for having it and take action towards it.

2 Trust in the Universe

As a reference for continuously moving into form, take a look at Nature.  When you look at Nature, you see that the sun comes up and sets every day, seasons happen every year. A farmer can predict to the day how long it takes for a seed to sprout and burst through the soil.

This is evident of the predictability, precision, rhythm, and order of Nature, the Universe, Infinite Power, God, Source, or what it is to you. The fact is that it is all Energy and so are we. The Universe has an order, everything has its time and place and is orchestrated with precision and with no exception. This goes for us as human beings too. Or rather, part human, mostly Spirit.

Now, if we understand how the Universal Laws work, then we can trust them. Then we understand and trust that whatever we hold in our minds also comes about, like the little seed that the farmer puts in the soil.

That's how we create our world. It’s with our thoughts, images, and emotions about our desires. That is also what distinguishes us humans from the rest of the Creation. For everything else in the Universe, the code of creation is pre-determined. We have to determine our own code of creation.

3 Reframe Uncertainty

Next is to reframe uncertainty as to your friend of Infinite Possibilities.

What we have described just now, is the playground of the Universe, the Field of Infinite Potentiality as Deepak Chopra describes it.

What is really important to remember, is the Universal Law of Gestation – the period it takes for something to come into form. Just like the seed in the ground takes a period of time to develop, or the nine months it took for you to develop from a cell into a perfect baby, it takes time for what you desire to move into form.

For anything to move into form, there are a lot of moving parts to line up. Whatever you want, is part of a bigger picture – of people, things, places, situations, events, etc., - that must line up for your desire to be manifested.

Does that make sense?

Now here's the problem. We want to control this. We want to tell the Universe how to do its work. Why? Because we so deeply fear losing control, that we don’t dare to let go and trust.

The result is that we stay within the confinement of what we think we control and we stay small even though we work 100 hours a week, we are just spinning our wheels.

Because we cannot control it, we start doubting it, and then the other fears show up. The fears of separation, not being good enough, fear of lack, and scarcity.

So, what do we do about it?

4 Take Control of What You Have Control Over

You take control of what you have control over. Is that fair? Let’s look at that.

Self Awareness
You have control over your self-awareness, meaning to become conscious of what thoughts and emotions you have. You do this by paying attention to how you feel and then question what you are thinking about in order to feel what you are feeling.

Responsibility and Authority
You have control to take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. Furthermore, you have control and authority to use these powers to create the reality you desire.

You have control over the choices you make. You can choose your thoughts and emotions.  You can choose to experience joy, gratitude, fun, and excitement. You can choose how you respond by what you say and do.

Free Will
Use your Free Will to diligently discipline yourself to take control and create order in your mind by directing your focus of thought to align your attention to your intention.

Your imagination is your creative playing field where you can create what you desire and release it into the Universe for fleshing out the details. Everything ever created started with a thought. Whatever you can hold in your head, you can hold in your hand.

You have the power to reason and decide what to accept, and to reject what no longer serves you. You can challenge your thoughts and beliefs and be the gatekeeper to not energize anything that is not in line with what you want.

You have control over your perception. If something doesn't make you feel good, you can ask yourself, “How else can I look at this?” and change your perception. Doing this also expands your perception and consciousness.

You can direct your focus to what is working, and what makes you feel good, raising your vibration every time.

Accept and Forgive
You have control over what you can accept and let go of. To accept the past as just that, the past that has no further relevance, and to move on. Forgive others and yourself for past mistakes and let it go.

You have the choice to appreciate with gratitude every good thing in your life. To appreciate the abundance that is around you and to look for the good in everything.

You have control to stand in awe of seeing and counting every happening as Source conspiring and bringing your intended creation into form, trusting and believing it is on its way.


So, if you have these four things, if you have a clear intention of what it is that you want, and you pay attention to that and you trust in the Universal Laws, reframe uncertainty as that of possibility and you take control of what you have control over…

Can you then Let Go and Let God? Can you have faith and work with the Universe as your partner and Co-Creator?

And allow your awesome vision and the bigger role you want to play to move into form and become your reality?

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