8 Steps to remove the bottleneck that stops your flow

This week I experienced a bottleneck in my business that caused serious overwhelm and stopped my flow completely.

Now, I must confess that I tend to be inconsistent because I take on too many things at the same time and don’t keep track of where they fit in. So without prioritizing effectively, it becomes a maze of incomplete thoughts.

The result is overwhelm and then paralysis because of the chaos in my mind trying to make sense of what to do next. This then creates a bottleneck bringing everything to a standstill and prevents you from moving forward.

It also creates a sabotaging inconsistency because it prevents you from getting into a rhythm in your business that allows you to get into the flow.

The root cause of all of this is a lack of clarity about what it is that you want to create as a big picture in your business in order to see where new ideas fit into the whole.

The lack of clarity has a cascading effect on you that is reflected back to you, showing up as what is happening or not happening in your business.

This is what happens:

  • Confusion and chaos in the mind lead to muddled results because you are taking action from confused energy.
  • Uncertainty abounds.
  • Self-doubt takes over.
  • Paralysis kicks in.
  • Procrastinating becomes your new normal.

This becomes a cycle in your business and before you know it, you feel completely lost in your business and results to show for it.


But you can counter it and if you make this a habit, you can prevent it altogether.

Steps to get back into flow:

Step 1
You guessed it. Clarity. It is to become clear on your outcomes. You can never revisit the vision of your business often enough. It is like building an intimate relationship in the same way that you need to build an intimate relationship with money to become prosperous.

Plot it out. Draw a big picture diagram of how you see your business vision. Then break it down to show you what every part needs, what is complete, what is still outstanding, where you need help, etc.

This is like drawing up detailed plans for a house. It shows every detail. By going into details here, you gain real clarity. Not only about what you still need to do, but also how far you have come.

Clarity creates confidence.

Step 2

What are 3 ways to achieve the outcome? Don’t just settle for the first idea that comes to mind. Take time and think about it. Let your creative mind come out to play.

Step 3

Test drive every idea you have come up with. Imagine taking every action and notice how it feels in your body doing that and getting the result.

Step 4

Choose the best option and qualify yourself why it is the best option. Make sure that you choose the best course of action getting you the best result and knock-on consequences. So, don’t settle for the easiest option. The best option is probably the one that takes you out of your comfort zone.

Step 5

Step into the energy of having achieved the result already. Feel it fully. This is of utmost importance.

Step 6

Then take action immediately.  Expect the results you desire.

Step 7

Become aware of how it feels before, during, and after you have taken action and achieved your desired result.

Step 8

Celebrate! Acknowledge yourself and your courage for pushing through and feel gratitude for the amazing results you achieved.

Write this down in your Gratitude Journal as evidence to counter self-doubt.


So what this comes down to is that when we don’t have crystal clear clarity of what we want as a big picture that we can refer to, we fall into and get lost in the details. Not knowing where the details fit in creates confusion and chaos in our business and life.

if your powerful subconscious mind does not have a clear image of what to focus on to get your desired results, it will use the chaotic images you entertain in your mind to bring you experiences that match these images as well as the energy vibration of them.

Your energy vibration birthed from chaos and confusion would be extremely low, and therefore the experiences in your business would be disturbing, dismal, disappointing, frustrating, to say the least.

Does that make sense?

As this has shown once again, your mindset is the most important piece of equipment in your business. With it, you can create success and prosperity and as well as failure and poverty.

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