Reap the Rewards of Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

The rewards of getting out of your comfort zone are priceless because everything you want and is destined for lies beyond it.

Your comfort zone is like a prison that keeps you hostage to your past of lack and fear and your Old Self or Ego is the guard.

You are to find your True Self and surrender to the Universe to unlock the reward.

It’s a fact that you are not here in this life by accident, but rather by Divine Design. In fact, you have chosen the life you are living now and everything you have experienced so far is all part of your Spiritual Journey.

However, the end game is to live a full life of love, joy, and abundance beyond your wildest dreams. It’s like playing a video game, there are many options to choose from in playing the game, but the outcome is the same no matter what path you are following.

And this is the precise part that we forget. That we have Free Will. That we always have a choice. That the most important choice we have is to choose to become our true selves.

We are conditioned to believe that we are here to survive in a world where we are alone and we have to fight for our share. Instead of knowing that we are all connected and there is no need for comparison for the sake of competition.

And it is through this conditioning that we lose our way. That we believe that this is as good as it gets. That you are destined for mediocrity. That to take up a bigger space in life and show your genius is not for you. That these spaces have already been taken and that you have to be satisfied with where you are now.

False Relief

Often this is such a relief! Because now you don’t have to answer to the call of your soul and put yourself out there on life’s stage. This is what your ego-mind wants you to believe in order for you to stay safe, stale and stuck in your comfort zone.

The thing is, that is not the answer. You hiding in your unsatisfying if not miserable comfort zone is not serving anybody, least, not you. The beliefs that you are not good enough are not loving to you.

Actually, they don’t even belong to you. You have inherited them as obstacles to overcome because your powerful true self is on the other side of not good enough and by you becoming your powerful true self would mean the death of your old self.

Hero of Your Story

Think of yourself as the hero of a story. The hero is good and of pure character and her quest is to save her people from an impending devastating disaster. She has to travel far and wide to accomplish this seemingly un-surmountable task and she is faced with impossible obstacles.

Yet, she pushes on, defies her fears, and is nearly killed a number of times. She is bleeding, sore, and exhausted and for a moment she wants to give up. But she knows, there is no turning back. She can’t let her people down. She will finish this, even it means to die trying.


In that moment, she hears a voice that says to her, “You are not alone in this. I am with you. Surrender and I’ll show you the way.” Utterly exhausted, she surrenders and immediately feels a calmness fills her body and for the first time in a long time, she falls into a deep sleep.  When she wakes up, she remembers the voice and her promise to surrender. Taking a few deep breaths and touching her heart, she goes inward and instantly feels safe, waiting to be guided and take action on the impulses she receives.

Then things start to swing in her favour. Suddenly, the sky opens and the sun comes through, giving her light and warmth and hope. These small wins inspire her deeply and she looks back and appreciates how far she has come and knows that it has been all worth it. Best of all, she has a deep knowing that everything will work out and that she will complete her quest successfully.

Victory is sweet. She is the saviour of her people, but most of all, she is the saviour of herself. She touches her heart and knows that she is greater than any obstacle that can come across her path. She has discovered that she is connected to something much bigger and that is her True Self.

Your True Self

Looking at you and your life in terms of this story:

  • Who is your true self?
  • What is she or he like?
  • What are her beliefs?
  • What are her dreams?
  • What obstacles does she have to overcome?
  • How insignificant do these obstacles look now, knowing that you are connected to your true self?
  • How much easier is it now to surrender and be shown the way?
  • How inspired are you now to pursue your dreams and live the life you are destined for?


You owe it to yourself to find your way back to your True Self and live the life you are destined to live.

Nobody will do it for you. In fact if you don’t overcome your old self, you will remain at the mercy of seeing and living life as a victim, robbing you of your best life.

YOU got to make the DECISION to go on this quest and continue this journey that does not have a destination and wonderfully so. Because it only gets better and better!

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