My Mess is My Message
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My Mess is My Message was published on April 1st 2022.
It achieved #1 Amazon Bestseller in US and Australia!
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Ann Gibson

Unknown to Best-Selling Author in 10 weeks!

It's been a dream to write a book and share my story for years. Just as I was wondering if *this* was the year, Dina invited me to be a part of My Mess is My Message. And in 10 short weeks, I'm awed and grateful that myself and all of the other incredible and inspiring women who supported this project, are now all International Best-Selling Authors! It's a privilege, honor and humbling pursuit to share this journey with Dina and the other women. It was hard work and a whirlwind of a time, but Dina was there every step of the way, coaching, supporting, offering her ever-so-calm-and-wise guidance and advice. Thank you, Dina! I'm so grateful the stars aligned for you to find me and for Spirit to guide my "Yes". I can only imagine what the future may hold next!

2 years ago
Kathleen Murphy

Dina is A +

It was a pleasure to get to work with Dina Marais Soul Purpose Publishing on a group book which recently launched and hit International Best Seller on the first day. Dina did a remarkable job of leading a group of mostly first time book authors through an incredible journey of creating a major impact in the world with My Mess is My Message. I was an author of one book before, and this was by far a much easier experience than doing it all myself, with Dina handling all the logistics of getting a book in the world. Highly recommend her service, you will not go wrong working with her on your book.

2 years ago
Alicia Connor

Life changing and extraordinary!

Dina Marais contacted me in January 2022 about participating in this multiauthored book entitled My Mess is My Message and I took a leap if faith, not knowing all the details of the project, it wasn't just about writing a chapter it also meant connecting with the wonderful women who wrote the other 16 chapters. The process was exciting, and extra work, and Dina created a space to meet by Zoom to connect and be ourselves. Dina and her team is organized and I would highly recommend joining any program or project that Dina is involved in because it would come with the integrity and courage that it takes to change the world. After writing a chapter in this book I truly believe "one woman can change the world" one story at a time, one chapter at a time, of one book at a time. Thank you, Dina! Alicia Connor, Dietitian & Chef San Francisco USA

2 years ago
Christine Merriman

An incredible experience

Working with Dina Marais' Soul Purpose Publishing, our group book took the International Best-Selling Award on the first day it launched. That was such an incredible experience for me being a first time author! I cannot say enough about Dina's great teaching skills in pulling all 17 authors together to create this magical book event!

2 years ago

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