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Amazon Best Selling Author Program for Multi-Author Book

My Mess is My Message II

Launched on the 8th of December 2023 and achieved Amazon #1 International Bestseller Status in 4 Countries: US, Canada, the UK and Australia!

We launched 22 International Bestselling Authors!


Are you a coach, healer or service-based entrepreneur?

Have you found your purpose through an adverse or traumatic life experience?

Have you transformed your "Mess" into your Message helping others?

Are you willing to share the story of your journey and your knowledge with an international audience?

Are you ready for the greater exposure of being an international bestselling author?

If you have answered yes to the above, then you are a perfect fit to...  

Increase your visibility, elevate your brand, expand your
income & impact by becoming an International Bestselling Author.

All you need to do is write 2000 to 3500 words sharing the story of your journey
and a bio and allow our team to go to work.

We handle the rest - editing, formatting, cover, publishing on Amazon Kindle and paperback

Together with the other collaborators you promote the book on
social media -- and boom -- you become a best-selling author!

What's in it for you?

🌟 You get an Author Page on Amazon
🌟 You share your unique story with the world and leave your
🌟You become an International Bestselling Author (only 1%
     of the population will ever achieve this!)
🌟You elevate your brand as an authority in your niche
🌟You skyrocket your credibility and confidence as you  
    demonstrate your expertise and own your story
🌟You raise your prices and get new clients
🌟You radically increase your visibility as you get booked on
    bigger podcasts, stages and summits.
🌟You follow a time-tested formula for writing a powerful  
🌟You enjoy the benefits of having a professional team
     including an editor, designer, and PR to support you
🌟You leverage the networks of amazing women
🌟You expand your circle, make more money, get more



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Darci Alexander Alexander

A Truly Wonderful Experience!

Thanks to Dina I am an international best selling author! What a Wonderful way we were all guided in this collaboration. The guidance she provides helps us to inspire others with our stories of hope! What an honor to have been a part of this project! Thank you Dina Marais! ✨

7 months ago
Robyn Eyre Long

Heartfelt Appreciation

Dina, your dedication and commitment to bringing together these inspiring stories have created a literary masterpiece that resonates deeply with readers. Each story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of self-healing. Moreover, your decision to contribute all royalties to charity reflects a commendable commitment to making a positive impact beyond the pages of this book. It is a shining example of how literature can be a force for good in the world. Thank you for being a safe space for each of your authors to be vulnarable, heard and seen!!

7 months ago
Katie Kreter

Graceful leadership, a true professional and a wonderful encouraging coach!

Dina is a wonderful, caring coach who exudes professional leadership and grace in her coaching sessions. Dina displayed such genuine and calm support to all the authors on the book. So grateful for the opportunity and privilege to be apart of this book. Thank you, Dina!

7 months ago
Yvonne Cote

What a Blessing!!

It has been such an incredible privilege working with Dina, and I cannot express enough gratitude for her guidance and support in helping me get my chapter published in her book. Dina's expertise and passion for empowering others truly shine through in her work. Her dedication to creating opportunities for authors is commendable, and she has a remarkable ability to bring out the best in her collaborators. Working with Dina has been an enriching experience, and I am grateful for the platform she provided to share my voice. If you're looking for someone who is not only a skilled professional but also genuinely cares about your success, Dina is the person to turn to. Thank you, Dina, for making my journey to publication a reality!

7 months ago
Jennifer Grant

Equal Parts Professional and Magnificent

Dina is a thoughtful publisher who knows the ins and outs of the business. She is also a wonderfully kind and dedicated individual. My experience as a writer contributing to My Mess is My Message II has been very positive. And I would definitely recommend Dina!

7 months ago
Tracey Chapman

Collaborating with Dina was an absolutely incredible experience.

I had always longed to open up about the heartbreaking loss of my youngest son and the immense difficulties I faced, but sharing such a raw and deeply personal story seemed too daunting for me. From the moment I encountered Dina, I was captivated by her presence and knew right then that collaborating with her was a must. Dina's charismatic nature, coupled with her sincere compassion and genuine interest in me and my story, left an indelible impression. She acknowledged the significance of my narrative and why it was imperative for it to be shared. Dina's exceptional expertise, penchant for organization, and attention to detail were instrumental in transforming this book into a bestseller. Her insightful guidance not only ensured its success but also fostered a supportive community of like-minded co-authors. Throughout the process, she effortlessly answered all our queries and created an environment of inspiration and positive transformation. When it comes to publishing your book, Dina is the go-to person who can turn your dreams into reality. Not only will she provide expert guidance, but she will also create a nurturing environment for you to express yourself freely. Meeting Dina has been a truly amazing experience, and I am incredibly thankful for her presence in my life. Her kindness and genuine nature make her one of the most remarkable individuals I have ever encountered.

7 months ago
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