Soul-Aligned Manifesting Comprehensive

Manifest Your Dream Goals in 2024 with Vibrational Alignment through Quantum Human Design™️

What is the Soul-Aligned Manifesting Comprehensive Program?

        The 5-Session Soul-Aligned Manifesting Comprehensive is a combination of                          Neuro-Semantics, Quantum Human Design, Quantum Physics,and                                                             Energetic Alignment            

               The outcome of this program is for you to follow your flow, your bliss,                                 your joy, your ease as your natural way of co-creating with Source.  

                   You will achieve this by eliminating the blocks to your alignment,                                                  integrating your True Self State and vision, and            
                                learning the practices that will sustain your faith
                                                 and vibrational alignment.

              Your Human Design Chart reveals the themes of your soul curriculum                            and these are utilised to shift from what is in your way to full alignment.                      
              With this 5-Session of 1 hour each Soul-Aligned Manifesting through                                  Quantum Human Design™️ Comprehensive package you will:
🌟Understand how to manage your vibration to manifest your dream goals with more
     ease and without burnout

🌟Understand and integrate your Human Design to master the creative process and         identify the themes in your chart to manage your frequency

🌟Rewrite/reprogram the story of who you think you to who you really are to align with     your True Self  

🌟Reprogram your Identity (G-centre) and thereby your Magnetic Monopole (attraction     point) to attract what you desire  

🌟Practice applying your changed personal narrative in alignment with your True Self -
    reprogramming your RAS and point of Attraction (Magnetic Monopole)

🌟Cultivate a deeper level of self-love and self-worth to step into your Power as a  
    Spiritual Being to fulfill your Soul Purpose and Soul Contract
🌟Radically enhance your wellbeing and abundance by experiencing peace, self-love
     and self-worth

                                                        Session 1
🌟You will understand your unique Human Design Type, Profile, Strategy and Authority      and Who You Really Are and what you are here to do.      
    You will get clarity on how you are blocking your flow.

                                                         Session 2
🌟You will uncover the conditioned meanings that enforce this false identity and    
     change them to be aligned with your True Self (de-conditioning).  
                                                         Session 3
🌟You will experience the StoryLab Process where you rewrite your personal narrative
     to reprogram your Identity G-Centre (love) and Will Centre (self-worth).
                                                         Session 4
🌟You will learn and implement the 9 Resiliency Keys that integrate your Identity and
     re-calibrate your Magnetic Monopole - raising your vibrational frequency and  
     attraction point.

🌟You will receive the necessary practices to get into and stay in alignment.          
    This will equip and empower you to manifest with more confidence and ease.

This is for you if...

🌟You are not manifesting your dream goals and desires with ease

🌟You feel disconnected from God or the Universe  

🌟You struggle to maintain alignment  

🌟Your ego is running your life, allowing the external world to control your thoughts
     and emotions and causing you to experience fear, doubt, stress and health issues

🌟You are tired of pushing, hustling and burnout

🌟You no longer want to experience frustration and anger for things not working out
     and you don't know why

🌟You are tired of doing all the right things without getting expected results

🌟You know it must be easier

🌟You are ready to commit and get this sorted to fulfill your soul contract and soul

Soul-Aligned Manifesting Overview

You have been CONDITIONED to...

🌟Create things that are not for you

🌟Create what you desire not in the right way

🌟Develop identities of low self-worth that impacts every part of your being and life

How do you DE-CONDITION?

🌟Changing the Meanings you have about yourself

🌟Re-write the Stories you have been told, and are telling yourself and others, using a
    creative process that bypasses the mind

🌟Discover who you really ARE so that you can create what you really WANT instead
     of settling for less

🌟Learn how to create in the way that is right for You

🌟Discover or confirm your Soul Purpose - why you are here and what is your soul

🌟Learn how to create in the way that is right for You  

🌟Revisit your values and change your underlying structure to align with your values
🌟Diffuse Triggers  

🌟Practice your new story to reprogram your RAS and point of Attraction

What is the result of de-conditioning and re-conditioning?

🌟Clearing your filter that interfaces between your Mind and the Quantum Field so that
     you can have an expansive choice of Infinite Potentials to create from

🌟Create a new operating system in your subconscious mind in alignment with your
    True Self

🌟Changing your DNA in alignment with your True Self and the Quantum Field

🌟Changing Ancestral Lineage to the past and the future

🌟Clearing up Karma

🌟Raising your vibrational frequency set point to become your new normal

🌟Enhancing your wellbeing

🌟Upgrading the feedback Loop of Infinite Intelligence to a higher vibration

🌟Fulfilling your Soul-Contract and Soul-Purpose

🌟Manifesting what you desire with ease in alignment with your Soul Purpose

🌟Feeling great, loving yourself and loving your life

How does it work?

                              You will find full instructions in the program curriculum:
🌟Send me your details to run your Human Design Chart
🌟Fill out the Self-assessment
🌟Book your first Session

🌟You receive the recording of each session

You have lifetime access to the supporting material in the curriculum:
🌟Overview of Vibrational Alignment through Quantum Human Design™️
🌟Discover the Wonder of Who You Are
🌟You get 20% saving on any next coaching or publishing project if you continue working with me.

Why work with me?

I have  been guided through my life to accumulate the skills to do this: IT, NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Neuro-Semantics, PNI - PsychoNeuroImmunology, Energetic Alignment, Quantum Human Design™️ created by Karen Curry Parker, and to bring this all together to create a dynamic creative journey to lead this transformation for the Right People, as the Right Timing is Now.

In my own journey I have transformed my business through these principles and my intention is to facilitate you unlocking your potential fully - whatever that is for you.

I'm here to lead the way, so that YOU in turn lead the way expanding others, as you go through this journey. We are all in this together to raise the collective consciousness and frequency of humanity.

I hope to be co-creating with you.

Michelle Booyzen

I was privileged to be able to attend two sessions on Quantum Human Design held by Dina Marais. Dina was able to relate everything on my Human Design chart to my immediate and personal life in such a way where I could ask questions, relay life experiences and join the dots, so to speak. She is an open, honest, and extremely knowledgeable on this subject. This was the most invaluable experience of my adult life, and I am so grateful to Dina!

Erika Baker

Dina, you have such a broad spectrum of knowledge and wisdom and such a beautiful way of enlightening us and showing us our unique role in this world. The 3 sessions I've had with you have been invaluable in understanding myself. You've given me really useful tools, especially in managing my energy and vibe and preventing depletion. Thank you, Dina.

Shana Bobrow

I was completely blown away by everything Dina shared with me about my own unique blueprint of my Soul's purpose and role I play in this life and in the universe. Dina made me understand the intricacies of my make up and how I can embrace the possibilities of becoming a better version of myself and how to take the necessary steps to fulfill my Souls higher purpose and how I can make a difference in this world and help others.

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