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Success with Source

Success with Source was published on 7 July 2023 and achieved #1 International Bestseller Status!
We reached #1 in 3 categories in the US and Australia: Small Business, Mentoring and Coaching and Inspirational Spirituality.
We also reached #1 in the UK & Italy in the category Small Business.
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Nilzara Rivera

What a wonderful experience!

Dina was the type of leader that I needed to get me through this book. She held my hand the whole way through. She was super responsive to any questions, even the ones I repeated a few times! Lol. Writing this chapter also was a healing moment for me; even through that, she was supportive. Dina is an excellent and compassionate leader!

10 months ago
Therese Skelly

Dina is a powerful leader

I was so happy to be a part of this book. Dina helped me organize my chapter idea and made it better with her suggestions. She's very well organized, goes out of her way to make the process easier, and sees the best for all her authors. She's accessible, loving, and has a great mission. I highly recommend choosing to publish with Dina!

11 months ago
Loria Ra Raiola

Go With The Flow and Don’t Say No!

When publisher, Dina Marais, invited me to contribute a chapter to Success With Source my Soul really wanted to do it. Why? Because it was in alignment with what I stand for, my values and how I like to present BUT my ego said “No!” because I was finishing another book soon to launch around the same time as Success. I am grateful to Dina that she stayed in touch with me because my Soul kept messaging me to do it despite my heavy work load AND I am so glad I did! Lesson: Listen to your Soul and ego but know when to send your ego to the beach! Now I am riding the wave with 18 other Best Selling Authors from all over the world getting our motivational messages out to the planet. Yay for me, Dina, my co-authors and the world!!

11 months ago
Allegra Lite

The birth of yet another new beginning

If you are looking to get your message out to the world in an authentic and powerful way that will impact and transform a person's life, then Dina is the perfect publisher for you to do exactly that. I was drawn to her energy, her authenticity and her natural ability to create warmth and space for you to speak your truth. I am so profoundly grateful to have met her, worked with her and to have her in my life and this is just the start of a beautiful journey of empowering the people! Love you Dina!

11 months ago
Michele Parad

A spectacular success with Success with Source

Dina creates an amazing container through which we could channel our inner author. It is because of her character and wisdom that she attracted a beautiful set of book collaborators! She did an amazing job facilitating and orchestrating the coming together of the book which led it to it's international bestseller success! It has been an amazing journey to be a part of this project and it has given me more courage and confidence to start on my solo book. I can't encourage you enough to work with Dina!

11 months ago
Souli Yates

Success with Source, a journey of deep transformation

I am deeply grateful for Dina & the amazing experience of being a part of the creation & birthing of a #1 international bestselling book. This entire experience has been so transformative & healing for me in so many ways. This is my first venture into writing, Dina has been the perfect teacher & guide. I was able to find my way into writing in a natural, organic way & before I knew it I had my story down on paper. She makes the whole process easy to follow with excellent support all the way. I have the bug now. I see how this whole experience has changed me & my life. It has already had an amazing impact on my business, not least of all because of my shift in perspective being an international bestselling author. Thank you Dina. The community of wonderful women I feel connected with now, like icing on an already delicious cake.

11 months ago