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Amazon Best Selling Author Program for Multi-Author Book

Success with Source

I have received Guidance to open Success with Source to men too.
The cover of the book will be updated.

Increase your visibility, elevate your brand, expand your
income & impact by becoming a Bestselling Author.

All you need to do is write 3000 words and a bio...and
allow our team to go to work.

We handle the rest and let you know when the book is released on Amazon.

Together with the other collaborators you promote the book on
social media -- and boom -- you become a best-selling author!

Book to be launched in Divine Timing and we aim for mid November 2022

Success with Source
 What's in it for you?

🌟Share your unique story with the world and leave your

🌟Become a bestselling author (only 1% of the population
     has achieved this!)
🌟Elevate your brand and as an authority in your niche
🌟Raise your prices and get new clients
🌟Increase your visibility and get booked on podcasts
🌟Follow a time-tested formula for writing a powerful
🌟Enjoy the benefits of having a full team including editors,
    designers, marketers.
🌟Leverage the networks of 25+ amazing women
🌟Expand your circle, make more money, get more attention.

It's been a dream to write a book and share my story for years. Just as I was wondering if *this* was the year, Dina invited me to be a part of My Mess is My Message. And in 10 short weeks, I'm awed and grateful that myself and all of the other incredible and inspiring women who supported this project, are now all International Best-Selling Authors!

Ann Aubin Gibson

It was a pleasure to get to work with Dina Marais Soul Purpose Publishing on a group book which recently launched and hit International Best Seller on the first day. Dina did a remarkable job of leading a group of mostly first time book authors through an incredible journey of creating a major impact in the world with this book!

Kathy Murphy

Dina Marais contacted me in January 2022 about participating in this multi-authored book entitled My Mess is My Message and I took a leap if faith.
After writing a chapter in this book I truly believe "one woman can change the world" one story at a time, one chapter at a time, of one book at a time. Thank you, Dina! 

Alicia Connor

Working with Dina Marais' Soul Purpose Publishing, our group book took the International Best-Selling Award on the first day it launched. That was such an incredible experience for me being a first time author! I cannot say enough about Dina's great teaching skills in pulling all 17 authors together to create this magical book event!

Christine Merriman

Success with Source

🌟 Guidance on how to write your chapter and bio (Value $300)
    ✨ The clear theme of the book and structured outline we provide makes
         it easy for you to write your 3000 word chapter and bio.

🌟 Editing your chapter (Value $500)
    ✨ Once your chapter and bio are complete, you simply email them to our
         editing team and they take it from there. You will receive feedback
         and a second look at your chapter to make sure it's polished and ready
         to be seen by the world.

🌟 Formatting (Value $500)
     ✨ Allow us to handle all formatting on both the Kindle and paperback 
          editions of the book.

🌟 Cover design (Value $500)
     ✨ We take pride in hiring the best designers for absolutely gorgeous 

🌟 Publish on Amazon (Value $500)
     ✨ Our team takes care of the details on Amazon and informs you of the
           release date so you can be prepared to share it with your audience.

🌟 Marketing team (Value $1500)
     ✨ Our marketing team provides clear instructions on how we create an
           international launch and promotion.

🌟 Private networking group (Value $300)
     ✨ Use this group to ask questions and network and collaborate amongst
          other authors.

🌟 Become a best-selling author (Priceless)
    ✨ Last but not least, you will become a best-selling author and have the
         graphics to add to your website and social media accounts.


🌟  FAST ACTION BONUS:  1:1 Session with me to evaluate your business
       in preparation for the book, when you join immediately (within 24 hours)
🌟 1-on-1 Session with me to brainstorm your story (Value $800)
      ✨ Invaluable clarity on your story & bio
      ✨ Feedback on your first draft before we send it to the editor

🌟 Leverage the Book and Offers Workshop  (Value $1000)
      ✨ Exploring the different ways of how to make the most of the book for
           your business

🌟 Hosting the Success with Source Summit with all the authors
     (Value $1000)
     ✨ Expand your exposure further by being a speaker on this summit
          exclusively for the authors

🌟 Publicity Package for Plus and VIP (Value $600)
     ✨  Kickstart your Visibility with a Press Release and a Guest on 2
           Podcasts, arranged by professional publicist

🌟 Speaker One-Sheet (Value $300)
     ✨ Having your Speaker One-Sheet created for you as a #1Amazon
          Bestselling Author, gives you an easy entry to speaking gigs and

🌟 Soul Purpose Publishing Author Community (Value $1200/year)
    ✨After the book launch and summit, you are part of the ever growing
        Soul Purpose Publishing Author Community where we meet monthly
        to network


This is for you if:

This is Not for you if:

 🌟 You are aware that everything in your life has
prepared you for where you are now.
🌟 You unapologetically own your story, knowing that
it has shaped your life.

🌟 You are willing to share your story authentically and
honestly from your heart, holding nothing back.
🌟 You are willing to show the reader how to change the
way to look at adverse circumstances and find the
blessing and opportunity therein.

🌟 You love to work with others towards a collective goal.
🌟 You see this book as a fun project to be part of and
giving it what it needs to be super successful.

🌟 You are ready to be VISIBLE and open to RECEIVE more clients and money.

◾️You are worried about money and do not live in a
continuous state of abundance.
◾️You feel threatened by successful people doing great
things in the world.
◾️You are unwilling to be seen and heard on big platforms.
◾️You are unable or unwilling to meet deadlines.
◾️You do not work well with others.
◾️You do not have anything to sell on the backend of
this book.
◾️You need me to share book revenue instead of growing
your business. Book sales are donated to charity.
◾️You are unwilling to share the book when it is released.
◾️You do not understand how books expand your audience, build your credibility and establish your authority.

Important! By making this purchase you agree to the Terms Of Purchase below this payment block.

  • Multi
  • $1444 USD

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  • 3000 Word Chapter
  • 150 Word Bio
  • 3 Links
  • Name on the Back Cover
  • PLUS
  • $2222 USD

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  • 3000 Word Chapter
  • 150 Word Bio
  • 3 Links
  • Name on Back Cover
  • Publicity Package - Press Release + Guest on 2 Podcasts
  • VIP - 8 of 10 Left
  • $2888 USD

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  • 3000 Word Chapter
  • 200 Word Bio
  • 5 Links
  • Name on the FRONT COVER
  • PDF of your Chapter
  • Publicity Package - Press Release + Guest on 2 Podcasts

Amazon Multi-Author Bestseller Program Terms of Purchase

Please read these terms carefully as they are a binding legal contract, and we suggest downloading a copy for your records.

You are purchasing 1 chapter in the multi-author book, which includes editing, proofreading, formatting, full professional design, bestseller rank on Amazon, and rights to distribute your chapter as you choose.  

You are purchasing this in your business capacity and guaranteeing the purchase as an individual.  

This Terms of Purchase is the entire agreement between us. This Terms of Purchase supersedes our prior discussions, emails, online or voice messages.

What happens after you pay:  
Our secure payment processor is Stripe. You’ll receive a receipt for your records shortly after purchase. Please allow 24-48 hours for communication from Dina Marais and Soul Purpose Publishing & Coaching with what we require for your chapter and bio.  

We reserve the right to delay communication if technical difficulties arise.  

This service has a no refunds policy. By completing this purchase, I acknowledge and agree not to initiate a chargeback. If I initiate a chargeback I will be charged an additional fee of $300 USD. I agree that failure to complete my chapter in time does not warrant a refund.  

Payment Schedule:  
All book payments are made in full at the start of the project.   I agree that I will provide necessary information for my chapter and bio to Dina Marais and Soul Purpose Publishing & Coaching with the execution of this agreement for the multi-author book to be released, crediting me as a co-author.  I agree to send my completed chapter and bio to Dina Marais and Soul Purpose Publishing & Coaching by the date specified in the private Facebook group.

I understand that failure to send my chapter and bio by the date specified in the private Facebook group will result in my chapter no longer being included in the multi-author book and no refund will be given.  

I am granting to Dina Marais and Soul Purpose Publishing & Coaching along with their partners and co-authors the non-exclusive rights to print, publish, distribute and sell my chapter as a part of the book throughout the world in all languages.  

I am granting Dina Marais and Soul Purpose Publishing & Coaching, their partners and co-authors the right to use my name, likeness, biographical information, and full and/or excerpt of my chapter with full attribution to me in the promotion of the book in both digital and printed format.  

I understand that the kindle and print version of the book sold through Amazon containing my chapter is for Dina Marais and Soul Purpose Publishing & Coaching only and that all profit will go to a charity of Dina Marais and Soul Purpose Publishing & Coaching’s choice.  

I understand I will receive no royalties from the sales of the kindle or print version of the book sold on Amazon.  

I understand I cannot make changes to the cover, the manuscript, book description or the price.  

I understand I can only publish and sell on the platform that Dina Marais and Soul Purpose Publishing & Coaching have given me permission to publish on.  I understand that Dina Marais and Soul Purpose Publishing & Coaching are not making any guarantees as to how many books will be sold, but only that the book will rank on at least one Amazon Bestseller list within 30 days of release.  

I understand that I am joining this program with the intention of selling services and products and not for making money from book sales.  

I understand that there is no guarantee for how long the book will rank as a bestseller, but I will receive screenshots and graphics for my marketing purposes.  

I understand I will be asked to participate in the promotion of the book when it is released on Amazon.  

I understand that Dina Marais and Soul Purpose Publishing & Coaching will secure copyright for the book, including my chapter, however I shall retain the right to republish my work in any manner and Dina Marais and Soul Purpose Publishing & Coaching agree this shall not be deemed an infringement on the copyright.  

I understand that Dina Marais and Soul Purpose Publishing & Coaching is publishing my chapter with the understanding that it is my own original work and that it is my own responsibility to ensure my work is original and not infringing on others’ copyrights.  I understand that Dina Marais and Soul Purpose Publishing & Coaching will not be held responsible for any copyright violations resulting from my chapter being published.  

I understand that no paperback copies are included in the program but can be purchased from Amazon at the wholesale price.  
I have read the terms of purchase & by making a payment I agree to the terms of purchase.