Write Your Story Workshop

This is the most important piece of content to showcase you and your business - get it done in 7 days and open your business up to new possibilities

Are you a Coach, Healer, or Service-Based Entrepreneur? 

Have you written YOUR STORY yet? 

Whatever book/s you plan to write, you’ll always include your story, because that’s how your people relate to you.
 Business 101 teaches that your ideal soul clients want to know, like and trust you before they buy from you.  
Writing your story does that for you.  

Your ideal soul clients want to know that you have been where they are now and that you have proven
that you can lead them to where they want to be.  
Showing up vulnerable and authentically is what people connect to.  
They’re not interested in theory. They want proof that you walk your talk.  
And most of all, we all love stories that capture our hearts and minds and take us on a journey.  
This is what you will be writing.  

You will take your ideal soul clients on a journey to see themselves through your story.  
They will empathise with your struggles, they will be inspired by your determination, they will celebrate your victories.  
By reading your story they will get to know you, like you, trust you and buy from you.  

I will guide you. I will give you feedback.  I will encourage you and inspire you.  
You will walk away knowing that you have honoured yourself and you have honoured your clients.  

The Workshop Plan - Live or Self-study

🌟Every day we spend an hour together.
🌟I will give a short talk (10 minutes) about the topics below.
🌟However, your main outcome is to write your 3000-word story and you will have
     the opportunity to actually write it.
🌟I am there with you to support you and answer any questions you might have.
🌟If you can't attend on a day, then you can catch the replay.

🌟Day 1 - Create your Story Outline  
🌟Day 2 - Take your clients on a journey
🌟Day 3 - How to use your story as a lead magnet
🌟Day 4 - How to relate your story to your offer and create your course outline
🌟Day 5 - How to create a plethora of stories and repurpose content from your story
🌟Day 6 - How to use your story as a chapter in a multi-author book
🌟Day 7 - How to expand your story into a book + Next Steps

                    You can attend LIVE as many times as you wish, even if you
                                   bought the self-study version of the course.

                                   🌟WHEN:  TO BE ANNOUNCED
6 am PST (USA & Canada)
9 pm EST (USA & Canada)  
2 pm GMT (London, UK)
3 pm CET (Europe)  
3 pm CAT/SAST  (Africa & South Africa)
11 pm AEST (Sydney, Australia)


Your story is the most important piece of content in your business because it introduces you, authenticates you, and
skyrockets your credibility and authority in your niche.

Writing your story is highly transformational as you are forced to go back where you started and remember every aspect of your journey, the struggles, the highs, the lows, and the breakthroughs.

One client told me that she probably saved thousands of dollars in therapy by writing her story!

You also realize how far you've come and that you actually know what you're doing!
This boosts your confidence in yourself, your purpose and your business tremendously!

Having written your story, you are ready to take advantage of opportunities to elevate your brand and visibility,
like participating in multi-author bestselling books, and speaking on podcasts and summits.



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Linda Rucki


I recently completed Dina's Course on, "writing my own story." I wrote out 2 pages after the first session & thought that, surely I could not have writer's block this soon into the first session... We all met for the Second day and I am not really even sure what Dina said , to get me writing again ! It has been a very long time since I have experienced an instructor with such an innate ability to connect with her students like Dina does. It has been decades since I have actually sat down and attempted to write something. The very personal nature of the topic slowed me down a bit at first. But, after my brief block, I decided to just go for it! My words began dancing off of the pages right before my eyes! Because Dina provided such an intimate setting for all of us to openly share ideas with one another, It felt like we all became a family very quickly. Before we knew it, we were all bouncing newly found energy off of each other and we became like a finely interwoven tapestry of our individual life experiences. A truly magical experience for me! There is an old saying, " You are only as sick as your secrets." This rang very true for me in writing my story and deciding to just go for it! Writing all of my lifelong secrets down on paper evoked not only tears but lots of laughter in me. This workshop with Dina proved to be one of the most freeing experiences of my adult life. Dina gets to the heart of the matter with gentleness and grace. The best part of this Course for me was that I decided to play full-on, for myself this time, and experienced pure joy while revisiting the sad times and the times that brought big smiles to my face as well. A much-needed present that I gave to myself this year... Thank you, Dina, for your gentle nudges of encouragement and pure love that I know was felt by all of us. Namaste! Dr. Linda S. Rucki

2 years ago
Allegra Lite

Fantastic Workshop!

I attended Dina's 'Write your story workshop' and although I wasn't available to attend every session due to engagements at work, I was able to catch up with the sessions through replay which was fantastic. Participating in this workshop has allowed me to gain more clarity in the overall intention and purpose behind my story and it has given me the ability to create a structure that allows it to flow. The atmosphere of the sessions contributed very nicely to optimising creativity and I was actually surprised at how much I managed to write during the sessions! Thank you Dina for this wonderful opportunity, it was lovely to connect with Souli and Linda too and I'm so glad I was able to take part!

2 years ago


Hi, I am  Dina Marais and I am the founder of Soul Purpose Publishing and Coaching, 4-time Amazon International Bestselling Author, Independent Publisher, Soul-Alignment Coach, and artist.

I work with established entrepreneurs to elevate their brands, visibility, credibility, income and impact by becoming bestselling authors. I publish non-fiction multi-author, solo and solo books.  

As a Soul-Alignment Coach, I specialise in energetic manifesting.

I am currently putting together two multi-author bestselling books, My Mess is My Message II – inspiring stories of incredible women who found purpose and prosperity through adversity,
I'm So Glad You Left Me - 111 stories of women who thrived when forced to stand alone and come into their own. 

Souli Yates


Dina so beautifully guides you through & you are writing straight away, the very act of being in a field of creative expression was the catalyst I needed. Now I won’t stop until I am done. It is a hugely healing experience that I can highly recommend.  Thank you Dina for your gentle encouragement & making something that seemed impossible, possible. I can highly recommend this small investment, you never know where it might lead….

Robin Fricke


While I am thinking Dina is guiding me to write my story she was showing me where I was headed and that was returning to my true Self. I love you to the moon and back Dina, xoxo

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    • Write Your Story Workshop Outline - downloadable workbook
    • Daily Guidance via email on writing a most compelling story
    • Create an outline for an online course/program based on your story
    • Next Steps on how to use your story
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