✨Your book is important to you.
✨To ensure that your book gets everything it needs to be successful, is important to me.
✨I know that your book is like your baby and yes, it is a living being, a living energy.
✨You have or will pour your heart and soul into it and it will take blood, sweat and tears to be completed.
✨I'm right here to be your partner in this journey.

                                         What's important to know:

🌟You own the intellectual property of your book.
🌟You have the final say in every stage of creating your book.
🌟You receive all the royalties of your book directly from Amazon.

My process is simple and it is customised to your needs.

    I have a base price starting from $2500 depending
           on the number of words of your book, that covers:

🌟Editing - developmental, line, grammar and punctuation.

🌟Formatting - for eBook and paperback.

🌟Cover Design - you have 3 options to choose from.

🌟Research to establish the best categories and keywords for
    your book.

🌟The upload of your book to KDP (eBook)  and paperback on

            Then there are additional services that are optional:

🌟1:1 Time with me for various reasons - a package of 3 sessions
     or sessions on demand:
     ⚡️Coaching you on writing your book
     ⚡️Create the outline of the chapters
     ⚡️Brainstorm content for your book
     ⚡️Coaching you to stay motivated and aligned to your mission

🌟Bestseller Status on Amazon, including a Marketing Plan and
     Launch Plan, Business Preparation Plan, and Graphics for the

🌟Amazon Ads - setting up the ads + ad spend.

🌟Upload your book on to IngramSpark and Goodreads

🌟Setting up your online business or platform and advise you on
     creating an online course on your book.

How it works

🌟We meet on Zoom to discuss your book. It's a free 30-minute

🌟I give you a proposal on email based on what we discussed.

🌟You accept and pay the down payment to start the project.

🌟We have a meeting to establish the time line and delivery due
    dates and the launch date of the book.

🌟You pay half of the remainder when you submit your manuscript
    for editing.

🌟This is when I proceed to have the cover designed.

🌟You pay the other half of the remainder when we start the

🌟The payments are due on the decided dates whether you have
     finished or not.

🌟When all the elements are completed, I upload the book on KDP
    and paperback on your Author Account on Amazon.

🌟We launch your book and you become a published author.