10 False Ideas You Need to Let Go of to Manifest your Dreams

Your universal fear of losing control is held in place by false ideas that are holding you hostage and stop you to manifest your dreams.

Your universal fear of losing control is held in place by false ideas that are holding you hostage and that you need to let go of in order to manifest your dreams. The need for control stems from feeling unsafe, believing that when you can control everything and everybody in your life that you are safe.

Here your ego is in charge of your mind and life and its job is to keep things familiar for you to feel safe in your comfort zone, even though it's miserable. When you want to venture beyond your comfort zone, fear of the unknown kicks in and this feeling of uncertainty pulls you back into your comfort zone.

However, this is the bridge you need to cross. To change is uncomfortable. To let go is to embrace the unknown and uncertainty, and trust in the Universe that you will be guided towards a future that you love.

The fear of letting go is part of a trio of universal fears as described by Gregg Braden in his book, The Divine Matrix. The 3 universal fears – the fear of separation, the fear of not good enough, and the fear of losing control – work together to form your self-image that drives everything in your life.

We have been conditioned to think that we are separate from the Universe, God, Source, or what you call this Infinite Intelligence, and from each other. We have been conditioned to believe that we are not good enough, hence the fear of rejection, of not belonging.

This is, in fact, the human condition – we are fearful because we don’t remember who we are – that we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience.

Our Spiritual Journey – to find our way back to our connection with the Divine and our True Self is directly related to the extent that we are able to trust in the Universe and thereby let go of control.

What are the specific things that we need to let go of?

1.  Let Go of the idea that Undesirable Circumstances are Permanent.

When we are in a cycle of things not working, we can easily believe that it is permanent and is never going to change.

However, the Truth is that nothing is permanent and is forever changing and moving. To change undesirable circumstances is to change your relationship with the circumstances, in other words change the meanings you have about what is not working. This may also involve your relationship with the concepts of money and scarcity.

Fact is, it is your own beliefs about your circumstances that create the energy that perpetuate the circumstances. Remember, the Law of Attraction brings you experiences that match your energy vibration.

So, if you continuously only focus on not having enough money, not having enough clients, and experience the fear of scarcity, then that is exactly what you attract.

2.  Let Go of the idea that What You Want is Not Possible.

First of all, what you believe is true for you.  If you believe that what you want is not possible, you are right.

The Truth, however, is that anything is possible to be created.  It is also crucial to know that your beliefs may not be true. Do not believe everything you think.

Not too long ago we did not believe it was possible to talk to someone on video on the other side of the world.  Yet, that crazy idea is now a reality.

Everything around us started with a thought, a dream by someone. In the Universe nothing is impossible. Limitations are created by us.

Whatever you dream about is possible and all you need to do is lean into the idea that it is possible, surrender your dream, and let the Universe work out the details.

3.  Let Go of the idea of Blaming and Complaining.

Blaming and complaining rob you of taking response-ability for your challenges and do something about it.

When you blame and complain you are giving your power away to someone or something else to control your thoughts and emotions. This means that you take things personally, that you make situations about you, instead of about the issue at hand.

The Truth is that you do not have control over what happens and what others say or do, but you do have control over how you respond to that.

4.  Let Go of the idea that it is Up to You Only.

Actually, you have a Senior Partner to co-create your dreams – the Infinite Intelligence that creates worlds is on your side.  You are here to create the life you love. But as I said, we have been conditioned to believe that it is up to us to make it happen.

The wonderful Truth is that your ideas are Divinely Inspired and that you wouldn’t be able to think of an idea if you were not able to manifest it.

Plus, whatever you desire is already here. The clients you want are already here, the money you want is already here, etc. Your soul mate is already here. The Universe is the Source of Unlimited Supply.

5.  Let Go of the idea that it is Within Your Control.

Frankly, my dear, it is above your pay grade to manifest your dreams. The information to organize circumstances that bring you your desires are classified.

Whatever you want to create involves a much bigger picture than you can comprehend.

Your role as co-creator with the Divine is to imagine and give your dream form and then surrender it to the Universe to fulfill. It is not your job to make it happen because that is the playing field of Infinite Intelligence.

The Truth is that the only thing you are in control of is your energy vibration alignment. This is the other part of your job description. You have to only focus on feeling the joy and gratitude of already having your desire.

6.  Let Go of the idea that You are Alone in this.

You are never and never have been alone. The Truth is that the Power that created you and that breathes you is in you and all around you.  It is always with you.

This loving Intelligence is always ready to support you and guide you. The connection you have with the Divine might seem challenging, but it has never been gone and it is with you now.

7.  Let Go of the Fear of the Unknown.

The fear of the unknown is probably the biggest deterrent to your success. Ironically, what you already know is from the past and probably represents what you don’t want.

The Truth is that the Unknown is your Friend of Infinite Possibility.

8.  Let Go of the idea that you have to Know Everything Before you can Start.

The expert in anything was once a beginner.  Nobody knows everything. With anything new that you wish to create, there are gaps in your knowledge and skillset to fill.

What goes hand in hand with this is perfectionism that is a symptom of the fear of rejection. The intention behind perfectionism is to hang on to control.

The Truth is that what you need to know will be revealed to you, as you need it. You just need to take the next step.

A great analogy is that when you travel at night, the headlights of your car only illuminate a short distance of the road and you just keep following the light, right?

9.  Let Go of the idea that You are Not Good Enough.

Here it is important to know that your Spiritual DNA is perfect. You are Divine perfection. As a Spiritual Being, your value is a given and cannot be measured by anything that you do or have.

The traumas, trials, mistakes and triumphs of your life form part of your spiritual journey and have contributed to the person you are today.

However, the Truth is that you ARE NOT your History. You ARE NOT your Thoughts or Emotions. You HAVE thoughts and emotions and we all have a past.

10.  Let Go of the Fear of Failing.

The fear of failing, the fear of rejection, the fear of not being good enough, are all related to the fear of loss and are held in place by the fear of losing control.

The fear of failing also implies not getting something specific and it refers to all-or-nothing thinking. When you think about failing, when is the moment you fail? Putting failure and success on the polar opposites of a continuum, where does success end and failing begin, and vice versa? Both concepts exist in different ratios on the continuum.

Actually, there is no such thing as failure. There is only feedback. Thomas Edison comes to mind in having had 1000 attempts (or so the story goes), before creating the light bulb. When someone commented that he failed, he merely replied that these attempts showed him how not to do it.


You cannot control the Universe. When you want to manifest your dream, you have to let go and trust that God knows how to create what you desire much better than you beyond your wildest dreams.

It is when you surrender and don't allow your ego to keep you chained to the comfort zone of your past limitations, that your life unfolds. This is indeed the most freeing feeling I have ever experienced. To let go and instead of falling, you suddenly have wings that allow you to fly.

Now isn’t that something worth striving for?

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