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Soul Purpose Publishing

Many years ago, when I read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, I had a heart’s desire to write inspiring stories like that.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would become an author AND publisher of inspiring books. This year, 2022, I have founded Soul Purpose Publishing and embarked on this journey with my first book, My Mess is My Message. See below for details.

The next Amazon Best-Selling Multi-Author Program is underway. I am very excited to announce Success with Source - learn from women who practice vibrational alignment in their business. See below for details.

Explore working with me to write and publish your SOLO Book (starting at $5500), contribute to a MULTI-AUTHOR Book, or create a COLLABORATION Book (which is Your multi-author book.  Book a free consultation call with me.

We offer PUBLISHING SERVICES if you would like to publish your book on Amazon, and/or set up a Bestseller Campaign for your book.
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Success with Source

The current Multi-Author Bestselling Book, Success with Source is being put together.

The sub-title, learn from women who practice vibrational alignment in their business, specifies the successful coaches, healers and other service entrepreneurs that are to contribute a chapter to this important book.
The intention of the book is to be a way-shower to the majority of coaches, healers and service entrepreneurs who are geniuses in what they do, but are struggling to expand their business.

Are you a Spiritual Business Leader who is looking for an opportunity to become a bestselling author? I would love for you to join the book and share your story! 

My Mess is My Message 

My Mess is My Message was the first Multi-Author Bestselling Book published by Soul Purpose Publishing.  

17 Incredible women shared their inspiring stories how they found purpose and prosperity through adversity.

The book was published on 1 April 2022 and it hit #1 Bestseller in the US and Australia and it has received multiple 5-star reviews. Click here to buy the book.

All the royalties earned are donated to charity.

We held the My Mess is My Message Summit in June 2022 and the interviews are available for purchase. Click here to buy the interviews.

Make a Profit from Your Book

I have found that many published authors, as well as to-be published authors are not ready to make the most of their book.

Inevitably their book or story that they worked so hard to get out into the world, disappears among the thousands of books published every day on Amazon.

I have seen that yet again as the case for the authors of my multi-author book. In my search for authors, the story I heard over and over again, is one of disappointment not getting a ROI on their investment.

This inspired me to put together a Make a Profit from Your Book Mastermind to prepare authors to be able to make a profit from their book.

The program is a combination of energetic alignment with their vision and strategies to leverage the book so they can build their audience and sell their programs.

To know more, click here to book a free consultation.

What it is that I do

My passion is to work with entrepreneurs like you to expand your business income and impact in alignment with your soul essence. You elevate your brand, visibility, double your income from 5 to 6-figures by becoming a bestselling author and become who you need to be to energetically to manifest this expansion with ease and joy.

Soul Alignment grounded in Self-Love is the key to manifesting a business and life beyond your wildest dreams. 

It is through my own journey of soul-alignment that I realised that embodying and practice being and becoming my True Self/Future Self is the secret to permanently transform and transcend my false self instead of staying stuck in exploring what’s wrong.  The secret is BEING, not doing.

I have received guidance from my Higher Self on how to structure my business, what my coaching genius and focus is, and now to publish inspiring books. It is my soul purpose and highest vision to help you manifest yours.


I am SO happy to be working with you in this way, today, Dina. You are incredible in how you work each of us uniquely into our own individual glories. In my life I have powered through the most negative circumstances into high achievement. Only to be fully interrupted by my mother’s dementia. That blew everything I’d learned about achieving right out of my head, heart body, and Soul.
YOU put me back together again. Always with a smile. Sometimes with “it’s a pleasure”.  And sometimes you actually had to scrape me off the ground and carry me! Yet you did. All with Grace, Care, Love, Light, and Joy, you have brought me to my own Grace and Peace. THIS is what you do the very best.

Christine Merriman
Trauma Coach

10 False ideas you need to let go of to manifest your dreams

Your universal fear of losing control is held in place by false ideas that are holding you hostage and stop you to manifest your dreams. Your universal fear of losing control is held in place by false ideas that are holding you hostage and that you need to let go of in order to manifest your dreams. The need for control stems from feeling unsafe, believing that when you can control everything and everybody in your life that you are safe.

Intentional vs Habitual -
where are you?

The more aware I become, the more I realize how habitually instead of intentionally I operate. I catch myself more and more that once again, I have taken action habitually instead of intentionally. What do I mean by intentionally? To STOP and decide first what outcome you want, feel it fully and from there take the action. Now your intention and action is accompanied by an elevated emotion.

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